Armenian seismologists week recorded 12 earthquakes

Armenian seismologists week recorded 12 earthquakes

Armenian seismologists from May 26 to June 1 in the region recorded 12 earthquakes in three or more points, according to the National Survey for Seismic Protection of the Republic.

27, 28 and 30, three or four tenths tremors were recorded in the border area of Turkey-Iran.

May 29 on Turkish territory was once two earthquakes in four points — in 32 kilometers southwest of the city Bulanik and 71 kilometers north-east of Erzurum.

On the same day, in the border area, Georgia and Azerbaijan in the 60 kilometers to the south-east of the town of Telavi was a three-point earthquake, one more thing — the power of 4-5 points registered in Azerbaijan is 27 kilometers south-west of the town of Shaki.

Seismic shock 5-6 points occurred on May 30 with an epicenter in Azerbaijan, 20 kilometers southwest of the town Zagatala. Two more tremors less power — in the 3 points were recorded in the same area on 28 and 30 May.

The epicenter of another three-point earthquake on May 30, is 52 kilometers south-west of the city Dogubayazet in Turkey.

According seysmosluzhby, earthquake in Armenia in three or more points have been recorded.

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