Armored vehicles Russia. Tanks

Armored vehicles Russia. Tanks
First instance of a unique Almanac dedicated Russian and Russian tanks and machines built on their base, President of the Association «League of assistance to defense enterprises,» the first vice president of Engineering Union Vladimir Gutenev handed General Director of «Rosoboronexport», member of the Bureau Association «League of assistance to defense enterprises», the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Almanac Isaikin Anatolia.
This said the press service of the Russian Federation Union of Mechanical Engineers.
More than 2,000 unique illustrations, historical information, descriptions of tanks, combat experience of their implementation, modification and modernization directions combat vehicles open stages in the development of postwar and contemporary Russian tank development.
Bureau Member of the Association «League of assistance to defense enterprises» Anatoly Isaykin, commenting on the release of the latest series of the Almanac, stressed that at the present time the tank — more difficult kind of military equipment, the ability to self-production which is one of the defining characteristics of the defense industry of the country.
«Creating sverhtehnologichny samples tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers should be attributed to naikrupneyshim military-technical developments requiring design school, a strong modern technological and industrial base, investing significant resources of the country and industry companies,» — said General Director of «Rosoboronexport».

A. Isaykin believes that wars and military conflicts of the last decades have shown that tanks and infantry fighting vehicles belongs to the dominant role in the land phase of hostilities.
«This widespread use of armored vehicles allows the attacker, on the one hand, to avoid unnecessary losses in the midst of personnel, on the other hand — to put effective attacks against the enemy. In this regard, the need for armored vehicles in the global market grows. Demand for Russian armored vehicles in this market sector arms — prevalent, as it features the highest technical level, quality, reliability, ease of operation. Russian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles repeatedly substantiated its effectiveness in fighting the implementation criteria, earning deepest respect in almost all countries of the world. Due to the unique combat experience, reflected in the designs of Russian armored vehicles samples, most of them are superior to their counterparts zabugornye «- said A. Isaykin highlighting that the current time is created in Russia and is the entire range of these types of military equipment.
The Almanac «armored vehicles Russia. Tanks «, which became the fifth similar publications issued by the Association» League of assistance to defense enterprises «with the support of» Rosoboronexport «, collected the main information about the history of creation of tanks, combat abilities and properties of similar technology.
But most importantly — on the pages of the Almanac provides information on Russian companies — developers and manufacturers, the potential of which is well-deserved pride of the Russian military-industrial complex.

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