Artur Finkevich trying to detain people in civilian clothes

Leader of the "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich and movement coordinator Anastasia Maschevu trying to detain people in civilian clothes.

Artur Finkevich said that as soon as he came out of the house Nastya her house, they rushed to the people in plain clothes who were sitting in the car at the next entrance. Nastya and Arthur barely had time to go back and close the door to the vestibule as the unknown began to knock on the door and try to open it.

Artur Finkevich and Anastasia Maschevuand are located in an apartment on the street Anastasia Altai. Plainclothes officers are at the door of the entrance and the street.

Artur Finkevich not know, for whatever reason, it can delay, but attributes this to the forthcoming Congress of the members of the movement "Young Belarus".

After mother came to the apartment Anastasia Maschevoy men in civilian clothes were gone.


Finkevich Mascheva

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