Astrophysics seriously looking into space wormholes

November 18, 2011 21:31

Astrophysicists are sure to have a space tunnel, through which you can jump to other universes, and even later. Presumably, they were formed when the universe was in its infancy. When, as the scientists say, the space of "boiling" and curl.

This cosmic "time machine" gave the name of "wormholes." From the black hole "hole" is different in that there can not only get there, but to go back. Time Machine exists. And this is not a statement of science fiction — four mathematical formulas that have proved in theory — can move it to the future and the past.

And computer models. Should look something like this "time machine" in space: two holes in time and space, connected by a corridor.

"In this case we are talking about a very unusual objects that were discovered in the Einstein theory. According to this theory, in a very strong field is the curvature of space and time that is twisted, then slow down, that's such a fantastic property, "- says the Deputy Director Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute, Igor Novikov.

Unusual objects scientists called "wormholes." This is not a human invention, a machine capable only of time before nature. Today Astrophysics only hypothetically proved the existence of "wormholes" in the Universe. The case for practice.

Search for "wormholes" — one of the main challenges of modern astronomy. "On the black holes started to talk about the end of the 60s, and when they made these reports, it seemed impossible. They all thought this is absolutely fantastic — it is now on everyone's lips — the director of the Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University named after Anatoly Cherepashchuk Sternberg. — So now "wormholes" is also a fantasy, however, the theory predicts that "wormholes" exist. I am an optimist and believe that "wormholes" is also one day be discovered. "

"Wormhole" belong to this mysterious phenomenon as "dark energy" that makes up 70 percent of the universe. "Now the discovery of dark energy — is a vacuum that has a negative pressure. And in principle, "wormholes" could emerge from the vacuum state "- suggests Anatoly Cherepashchuk. One of the habitats "wormholes" — centers of galaxies. But the main thing here is not to confuse them with black holes, massive objects, which are also located in the center of galaxies.

Mass of them — billions of our Suns. The black hole has a powerful force of attraction. It is so great that even light can not escape from there, so see in a normal telescope, they can not. The force of attraction "wormholes" is also huge, but if you look inside the "wormhole", you can see the light of the past.

"In the center of galaxies, at their cores, there is a very compact object is a black hole, but it is expected that some of these black holes are not black holes, and the entrances to these" wormholes ", — says Igor Novikov. Today, more than three hundred open black holes.

From the Earth to the center of our Milky Way galaxy 25,000 light-years. If you find that this black hole — "wormhole" corridor for time travel, humanity before him fly and fly.

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