At a gala MSSZ launching passenger ship Brest

April 9 at the Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair plant a ceremonial launching of the first passenger ship "Brest" to Lake Seliger.

Customer ship acted FSUE "NPTSAP" to them. Academician NA Pilyugina branch "Plant" Zvezda ". The company works in the field of missile and space activity. Official part of the event was opened MSSZ Commercial Director — Boris Novosel Fedotovich, he noted that the draft passenger vessel "Brest" was developed by the design office of JSC "Moscow Shipyard" on the basis of the already well-proven project "Pilgrim." For this project have been built and are granted passenger ships — "Capital-1", "Capital-2", "Torch", "Ust-Sysolsk."

A modified version of the passenger ship "Brest" has some fundamental differences from its predecessors, one of them is reinforced ice belt in the forepeak, which allows operation in melkobitom ice. The ship is: Global navigation system designed to locate, vessel speed, and automatic identification system (AIS) — Information about the parameters of the ship, which is in the UHF band is transmitted automatically and continuously with special equipment, and radar.

Together with specialists of the Canal. Moscow and developed by a team of customer route for the ship to Seliger. The path of the "Brest" difficult navigation conditions, many thresholds can be passed only in the flood, will also have to partially disassemble the bridges. Being coordinated plan for the necessary actions.

Traditionally, the "godmother" — Svetlana Nemcova, head of the Office of the Moscow Shipyard on board the vessel was broken bottle of champagne.

Key Features:

  • RRR class: + 'On A 0.2 "
  • Length 32.24 m / 29.9 m at DWL
  • Width, 5.9 m
  • Draft 0,7 m
  • Total displacement of 90 tons
  • The speed 8 knots.
  • Range, 310 miles
  • Endurance, half day.
  • The crew / passengers, 2 chel/141 people.
  • Main propulsion: 2GD x 89

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