At activists seized on the border of the laptop


In social activist Veronica Lozovskaya on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border seized a laptop. Veronica said that the first long border guards searched her belongings. They explained to the girl that looking for things with a gap of information. To do this, they began to look laptop girl.

Searched in the documents of the word "president", "patriotism", "white-red-White Flag. "

Veronica told me that they repeatedly called his superiors and left, politely said goodbye. When the door of the train were closing, they suddenly came running back and dropped off the girl.

At customs, the girl explained that the laptop is taken to check for the presence of illegal content on the basis of paragraph 2 of Article 307 of the Customs Code.

Nick Lozovskaya should now from time to time to call on the border and ask when you can pick up your computer.


activists, harassment

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