At Anastasia Maschevoy searched at the border ATM cards


Border guards at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border stopped a train for half an hour because of the activist "Young Belarus" Anastasia Maschevoy.

Anastasia said, "Freedom", which went to a session at YSU. Border guards first took her passport and began to look through all of her things. They asked whether the girl laptop, flash cards and plastic banks.

They found Anastasia card from a payphone and travel by subway. Thereafter the girl returned the passport, but after a few minutes again took and left.

The documents and belongings of other passengers at the time have been tested.

Finally guards brought the girl to a passport and left.

The other day in an apartment Anastasia Maschevoy tried to break people in civilian clothes. They were waiting for Anastasia and the organization's leader Artur Finkevich near the entrance of the house.

Artur Finkevich explains the incidents that take place on July 10th congress of the movement "Young Belarus".


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