At home Lukashenko restless

Residents of the area Shklovsky, places where I grew up, Alexander Lukashenko, protesting against the construction site near their homes environmentally harmful agricultural facilities.

In the village Staroselie Shklovsky District Joint Stock Company "Alexandria" is going to build a poultry farm and enlarge the svinakompleks of twenty-five to fifty thousand head. Besides svinakompleksu, near the village Staroselie have already built a large dairy farm. Construction of these facilities is dangerous for the environment and human health, according to the villagers. To calm the protests, the authorities in Staraselli held a public hearing.

A conversation with the people power went after numerous complaints of villagers to objects that already exist. People wrote to local environmental inspectorates, addressed to the relevant ministry. They expressed their outrage in letters to the National Bank, which protects the company "Alexandria". Receive complainants and photographs of unauthorized cemeteries.

Olga Yakovleva.

"We have always been proud of fresh air in our village. We had clean water. From this we now have nothing. When the wind blows from the east side, we are all fucked up. The soil, as it turns out, does not absorb liquid manure and wastewater she does not get. Why is concentrated in one place so dangerous objects is unknown. It's just a diversion for the destruction of the village Staroselie ", — stated at the public hearing resident of the village Olga Yakovleva.

Convince the villagers that the construction of a dozen poultry plants with svinakompleksam not harm the environment, the staff of the research institute "ecology". Research by the Institute, hurt by the economic activity selhozobektov will not, however, if all the safety measures.

Victor Khodin.

"Before, you were chasing cows through the village, and it was fine, drove trucks Today, a barrel of manure — and is already bad. Now imagine that this project will go from here. What will happen to the villages, as they will survive? Summer residents there will be, who live in the city, earning it, and here would come to rest. Done here as there will be no work, no pay, no money, "- answered the people's indignation head of the Department of Industrial Ecology Institute Victor Khodin.

State environmentalists, leading research in the area Staroselie themselves faced with the facts of violations of environmental laws. In the waste stream discharged from wastewater treatment plants slaughter house, and one of the farms in general was untidy condition. They said members of the Institute and other violations. According to the details advised to go to their colleagues from the District Environmental Inspection. They refused to talk, citing the need for urgent departure.

Victor Dyurd: In an economy doing well.

As for the complaints of people, the head of the economy Victor Dyurd called them baseless and pictures — forgeries, saying, photographed in other farms. Villagers as that collected signatures to protest, Dyurd called scams. On He said, people were forced to sign on a blank sheet of paper.

This manual is intimidating men to abandon their signatures, according to a resident of the village Inessa Yakovlev. In the village nearly all depend on the authorities, so afraid to speak out loud what they think:

"It characterizes them is not in a positive way and as leaders and as men. They are afraid of what is done here. They just do not show it. They're just making good money, take a good position, and they are afraid to lose it all. "

Public hearings were held in a cottage culture.

Joint Stock Company "Alexandria" is created on the basis of collective "Dnipro" and Dzerzhinsky. For less than a decade the society has absorbed four more farms. Its territory covers about half of Shklovsky's district. The Company owns and Dairy in the district center. Central Estate sector — the village of Alexandria. It grew Alexander Lukashenko. According to official sources, all built in the community, "Alexandria", conforms to the latest agricultural technologies.



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