At Kazan CHP-2 continues the modernization of electrical equipment

In JSC "Generation Company" continues to implement a program of technical re-equipment and reconstruction of electrical equipment for thermal power plants.

At Kazan CHP-2 full reconstruction of 4-cells at 110 kV, 110 kV West-1 and 2 and 110 kV backbone 1 and 2 with the replacement of oil circuit breakers and current transformers for gas-insulated. In addition, relay protection and automation (RDA) have been replaced by microprocessor-based device. Reconstruction work was carried out in accordance with the investment program and capital construction plan of the company.

Ambitious program to upgrade and modernize its fleet of switchgear, instrument transformers and voltage relay protection and automation, in switchboards 6-10-110-220-500 kV high voltage power plants and high-voltage substations Tatarstan power system was developed and launched in 2001 year.

During the implementation of this program of "Generation" have been completely replaced all air circuit breakers at 110-220-500 kV switchyard Zainsk power plant, on the 500 kV outdoor switchgear plant in Nizhnekamsk of 110 kV Kazan CHP-1 on the modern gas-insulated switches. At present, given to modernization, the share of gas-insulated circuit breakers at 110 kV outdoor switchgear Kazan CHP-2 is, almost 70% of the total, which significantly improve the reliability of the station. The result of the modernization of electrical equipment was the complete absence of any incidents and accidents due to failure of high voltage switches in recent years at the facilities of JSC "Generation Company".

The implementation of the complex activities of the program of modernization and reconstruction of electrical equipment for thermal power plants can provide uninterrupted power supply to consumers of the Republic, including the objects of the upcoming World University Games.

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