At «Krasnoyarsk Cement grinding plant equipped with new treatment plants

At «Krasnoyarsk Cement" (part of HC "Sibcem") completed a project to equip the cement silos at the cement grinding new treatment plants.


In the operation into full gallery of modern nadsilosnaya 12 bag filters with compressors manufactured by the "Atlas Copco" (Sweden), capable of ten times to reduce emissions of inorganic dust.

The project was executed in stages since 2009. Its total cost was more than 45 million rubles. Now all 12 silos grinding plant equipped with modern treatment facilities. It was initially supposed to deliver one powerful bag filter for six silos. But given that the range of types of cement is increased, and for each of them requires a separate storage tank, it was decided to provide the cement silos stand-alone installations. In comparison with the work of the old cleaning equipment in grinding, which is no longer able to cope with their functional tasks, new bag filters will allow dozens of times to reduce the emissions of inorganic dust.

Replacing old equipment has become one of the priorities of the company. This project is carried out within the framework of an environmental program Krasnoyarsk Cement Plant, the first phase of which was implemented from 2006 to 2010., The following is calculated up to 2014. Until the end of the year will be carried out a number of environmental measures. Are currently under preliminary work to replace existing inefficient electrostatic precipitators filters cement mills number 4 and 5 grinding plant (purchased equipment, mounted compressor station, preparatory works). Installation of these filters will get the output indicator dust no more than 10 mg/m3, which is about 20 times lower than the previous value and meets the latest European standards. The installation of the filter bag for suction conveyors clinker 7-8 to 9-10 — roasting plant.

The installation of the baghouse feeding raw materials in cement mill grinding plant № 6-7, is commissioning new equipment installation began a similar bag filter feeding of raw material in cement mill grinding plant № 4-5. In September 2011, a contract with "Giprogazoochistka-engineering" (Moscow) on the implementation of the project "Reconstruction of gas cleaning installation cement mill number 8" grinding plant.

Chief Ecologist Krasnoyarsk Cement Ltd. "Alexey Smirnov emphasized:"Now we can say with confidence that all major sources of emissions in production are equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing dozens of times to reduce the impact on the environment. The next stage of the environmental program is designed with an emphasis on further minimize gaseous emissions ".

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