At Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals began the production of raw materials for anti-cancer drugs based on platinum

The plot is melting the finished product. This platinum — the raw material from which will block weighing 6 kg, the price of about 10 million.


Currently, "Krastsvetmet" — the only plant in Russia, where the purification is all 8 of precious metals. It handles 98% of Russia's platinum-raw materials and over 50% of the country's gold and silver. Head of the region interested in what new technologies are being used in the plant, how clean is the production, the prospects of the plant. It already manufactures products used in the automotive industry, the petrochemical industry and in jewelery.
Governor showed one of the latest developments — the raw material for the production of anti-cancer drugs based on platinum. Traditionally, chemotherapy used 3 drugs, the most common of them, cisplatin, is also the most difficult for the body. In Krasnoyarsk, have developed a new generation of production of the substance, carboplatin. Soon promise to start production third, even more perfect substance.

Sergei MAMONOV "3rd drug oxaliplatin is currently under development laboratory. Next year, we are ready to receive and test batch of this compound "

Now platinum-based drugs are mostly purchased abroad. For the drug substance produced in Krasnoyarsk, will not only reduce the cost of drugs, but also fully meet the needs of the country in similar antitumor agents. Oust the foreign analogs of the plant today can produce and in other industries.

Lev Kuznetsov: "If we can replace the oil industry is that foreigners are supplied to us today — it is also independent of the economy and increased tax revenue, more jobs"

"Krastsvetmet" today — the largest taxpayer edge, over the past year tax charge amounted to 540 million rubles. This year, more than expected.

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