At Livadia Shipyard (Maritime Territory) revive shipbuilding

In Primorye, Livadia repair shipyard decided to revive after a long break destination for ship construction. September 12 in a solemn ceremony on the water lowered the body of the future tugboat "Neptune." In the future, the company expects to begin construction of more complex, fishing boats.

In the summer of 2012 Livadia RSH successfully obtained the license of the Russian River Register for the construction of ships. The portal of the state order find information about the auction for the supply of the towing vessel to the needs of the State Organization "Management of operation of the Zeya reservoir" (Amur region). Plant won early in the year with him was contracted to design and build a ship. 

And now, after a few months, the body is ready to tug "Neptune." No impediments to its construction has not done, because the processes of shipbuilding and ship repair are different from each other, but taken to the plant experts in the field of shipbuilding coped with its task, said the head of the electromechanical department Sergei Makarov.

New tug at the end of November will start sea trials. In December, the vessel was to be delivered to the Amur region and delivered to the customer.

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