At Magadan CHP upgraded pumping equipment management

  • Magadan HPP
  • Magadan HPP

At Magadan HPP JSC "Magadan" installed and launched the modern system of smooth frequency control pumps. It is designed according to the latest world technologies. This project is implemented within the framework of energy-saving and re-equipment of the company.

Thanks to the new plant will save electricity and fuel for their own needs. In the first stage the expected annual energy cost savings of about 500,000 kWh.

Prior to the introduction of innovative systems for combined heat and power the pumps regulated by valves and phase to enable or disable the device, which is not economical. Now the signal pressure sensor motor smoothly changes the frequency of the rotation. In addition, the system is equipped with additional protections, which increases the reliability of the equipment.

Work on installation of the system on the Magadan HPP began in June. It was built premises for new equipment, laid Power and control cable lines. Installation took place in August, followed by energy spent commissioning, as well as individual and functional tests. As a result, the experts were convinced of the benefits of the new system.

"Installed equipment is in use recently, but the staff Magadan CHP in that short time has managed to appreciate the simplicity and ease of use. Pilot project was a success, and we plan to extend the implementation of this system and use it on other units', — Signs First Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer of "Magadan", Alexey Klekovkin.

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