At Perm-9 completed the installation on a foundation of basic equipment of the new unit.

Delivered to the construction site and assembled key units: gas turbine and heat recovery boiler, work began on the "tying" of the equipment. The basis of the equipment of the new generation unit is a gas turbine plant (GTP) capacity of 165 MW. Plant efficiency will be much higher standard of CHP schemes through the recovery boiler. It is designed to generate steam by heating water by heat of the exhaust gas turbine. As for Perm HPP-9 for the first time in Russia was made a unique heat recovery boiler with afterburning device that provides a stable steam parameters in all modes of operation of the gas turbine.


During construction, housing GTU was hammered into the ground more than 2 thousand piles, prepared by the foundation, on which the main equipment. Currently, the main building of the gas turbine is completing the installation and testing is conducted pipelines, process and cable racks. It should be noted that the project used about 65 km signaling, 74 km of power and almost 190 kilometers of control cables.

Much attention is paid to the safety of the future of power — completed construction of a modern fire extinguishing pump station, as well as installation of utilities station unit. There is a construction of the station pumping station (ONS) with tank facilities. Work has started on the landscaping.

According to Sergei Musaelyan, the head of the branch of JSC "TGC-9" on the implementation of priority investment projects, the completion phase of the installation of basic equipment GTU marks the transition to the final phase of construction: "Thanks to the constructive work with contractors and suppliers of equipment, we have completed the most important step — mounting the basic foundation of the station equipment. The plans of the next period — the completion of its "binding" and access to start-up operations. "

Reconstruction of Perm HPP-9 is part of the priority investment project IES Holding and involves the installation of a gas turbine with a capacity of 165 MW and a total waste heat boiler steam capacity of 230 tons / hour. The new gas turbine unit will improve the basic technical and economic performance of the plant and reduce the energy deficit in the Permian-Kama industrial unit.

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Perm Branch, working in the company's Integrated Energy Systems, comprises generating and heat network assets of TGC-9 in the five cities of Perm region — Perm, Krasnokamsk, Tchaikovsky, Berezniki and lips. The structure of the branch includes 10 power plants and one hydroelectric power plant. The installed electric power generating facilities of the branch — 1,312 MW, heat — 6401 Gcal / h The total length under management of heating networks is 1585 km in pipe calculation.

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