At Perm GRES construction of the fourth unit of 800 MW

March 5 at the Perm GRES was laid for the construction of the first column 4 of the power plant.

The project will implement the Company "INTER RAO Engineering". The general contractor for construction projects in the competition selected JSC "E4 Group".

The volume of investment company "INTER RAO UES" in construction of power will be about 30 billion rubles, putting it into operation at Perm GRES will create up to 180 new jobs.

At the construction site preparation work is already under way, and soon the company will proceed to the active phase of construction. At the construction site will be used 1,5-2 thousand builders. The new unit will be commissioned in the approved period of time — in December 2015. On the new unit will be installed Perm GRES combined cycle Siemens AG, corresponding to the most stringent environmental standards, and having one of the highest efficiency — 57-58%. The main fuel that will run power unit is natural gas. Basic equipment — steam turbine, two gas turbines, three electric generator. The project provides a significant reduction in the permissible levels of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and modern reverse water supply scheme.

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