At the Postal Square discovered an underground tunnel

August 8 in Kiev at the Postal Square opened antiprobochny tunnel in the direction of the Metro Bridge. 

    Now in the tunnel there is a smell of fresh asphalt. However, this is not the final cover. Technical Project Manager contractor reconstruction Maxim Jumps says that the last layer of high-quality stone mastic asphalt will cause when it is ready the whole area, "will make the cover at a time (without joints and fractures) at all sites: in the tunnel, on the overpass and congresses" .

    Two other important object in the Postal Square — travel with Vladimir descent on the embankment of the highway (through the tunnel) and the underpass under the postal Boricheva descent. Ability to taxi to the right of the center and easily go in the direction of the Metro Bridge drivers will get at the end of the year. "The turn will only appear after the start of the second tunnel. Otherwise, the flow of cars with Vladimir descent will overlap with those who enter into the tunnel ", — said Maxim jump. Crosswalk actually ready, but have not decided exactly where it will lead, so in the middle of the transition blank wall. Also under the Postal private company started to build a shopping center.

    Finally, the area will pass at the end of the year.

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