At the site SIBUR-Kstovo set a new technological column


At the site "SIBUR-Kstovo" working in the SIBUR in the reconstruction of the main process of EP-300 installed a new column for the primary gas separation.

This is the biggest technological pillar, which further established the company in order to increase the production of ethylene from 240 to 360 thousand tons per year and provide raw material for the production of complex under construction of PVC "RusVinyl" — SP SIBUR and SolVin.

The column is designed for the primary separation of methane pyrolysis at a low temperature gas separation. The principle of the equipment is based on a continuous distillation process, i.e. separating the liquid mixture into components by interaction countercurrent flow of vapor and liquid.

For lifting the column in a vertical position used special brand taps «Liebherr LTM» capacity up to 500 tons. Contractor performed the work "Alyanstehmash."

The equipment was manufactured on the project of «Technip» in Romania. The height of the cylindrical part of the column is 27.5 meters, internal diameter — 2.2 — 3 meters, and its weight — about 100 tons. It is planned that in 2013. will be completed necking pipelines, and it will be included in the existing process flow of the enterprise.

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