Atlanta. In search of the truth. Climate and the course of history

December 22, 2012 22:07

Between the laws of nature and the social form of the motion of matter there is a constant correlation. But what is its mechanism and where the point of contact between nature and society? This question was asked Lev Gumilev, creating his theory of ethnogenesis. He was criticized and historians, geographers, and biologists. But the question posed by Gumilev, continues to excite researchers. As the planet Earth itself influences the course of history?

Participants: Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Senior Fellow of the Institute of Laboratory energy efficiency MEI (TU), Vladimir Klimenko, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor, senior researcher of the Institute of Geological Sciences, Vladimir Trifonov, doctor of historical sciences, leading Researcher, Institute of World History, RAS, Professor Sergei RSUH Karpiuk.

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