Aura exists

As you know, the aura is a certain energy field that surrounds every living thing is. Previously, the existence of auras only expected, but modern technology allows us to prove it.

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For the first time the term "aura" appeared in the East. Eastern sages believed that the aura is inspired by the clouds enveloping any living body. The body has several chakras that act, a kind of power centers, and which generate a protective field. Consequently, self-improvement can provide a strong defense.

Aura can be compared with cocoon thickness which is about five inches. However, as mentioned above, the density of the aura can be increased if a person is spiritual self-improvement. Moreover such people aura is brighter.

The protective field can be painted in any color. Variant, when the halo is composed of several colors, which are different brightness and saturation. An interesting fact is that the color of the aura can vary depending on the mental and physical state.

Gives an indication of the state of the halo as the psychological and the physical health of the person. A healthy person's aura is the correct form of an oval and a whole. In the event that the protective field is fuzzy or hazy, vague color, in the human body there are certain violations.

See the aura with the naked eye, capable of only a few psychics and children. This explains the presence of many children's drawings usual items of incredible, fantastic coloring.

Currently, there are pictures of the aura, but many experts dispute their validity, referring to the possibility of photomontage.

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