Avian influenza — biological weapons?

Avian influenza - biological weaponsThe staff of the Committee on Biosafety USA hesitate to publish a report on the study of the avian flu. The fact that the work is described in detail exactly which mutation generate pandemic. There is no guarantee that this information will not use terrorists to infect the deadly strain of millions of people.

Until now it was known that, although the virus H5N1 kills more than 50 percent of the infected, it is not able to be transmitted from person to person. The most common route of infection — is the consumption of the meat of sick birds. However, studies conducted in the laboratory showed that the mutant virus can be spread among mammals airborne. So, in theory, they can get a way and people.
Studies were completed in September this year. However, they are in no hurry to publicize for fear that someone would think to get the virus by artificial means and to create on its basis of biological weapons of mass destruction.

According to Thomas Ingelsbi of Biological Safety Center at the University of Pittsburgh, the risk is too great. For example, he said, can take advantage of operating time by representatives of terrorist organizations. In addition, the virus can somehow leave the walls of the laboratory and go to the "free floating". And then the events will unfold according to the scenario "Armageddon" by Stephen King, where half of humanity is dying from the deadly flu, missed the secret lab, and the other half is fighting for survival with each other … Who knows, maybe then end of the world, the promised us in the following , will become a reality!

It is possible that attempts to synthesize such viruses have already been made. So, fifteen years ago in America among the Navajo Indians appeared illness similar to the flu, but invariably ends in death. Most interesting is that people of other races it is not infected. By the way, near the Navajo Reservation once was located a Secret Laboratory biological weapons …

In August 1988 in Chernivtsi, many children under 14 years, and only fair-haired and blue-eyed, seemingly ordinary fall ill with influenza. Soon, their condition deteriorated, began fever, delirium. Then the hair began to fall … In 1989, the same thing happened in the Estonian town of Simikot. Ill more than 200 children with blond hair and blue eyes. Canadian researchers have found that the kids were chemical poisoning. But how?

A few years ago, the World Health Organization reported that the research laboratories in 18 countries were mistakenly sent samples … most dangerous strain of influenza? We are talking about the virus H2N2, the epidemic in 1957, which died a few million people (!) Tests were sent to scientists at the request of the College of American Pathologists. How the virus got there — is unclear. WHO officials say the deadly strain could circulate intentionally — to the epidemic. The samples are rapidly destroyed, and that the incident was over. But where is the guarantee that this will not happen again, and not on the "fatal accident"?

True, the scientists-virologists, are the authors of the study believe that the publication of the report will help to monitor the H5N1 mutation in the world and soon will help protect people from the dreaded disease than misrepresenting it.

Margarita Trinity

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