Avtareferendum may be required in the foreseeable future

The Supreme Court of Belarus considers the complaint to the CEC BPF. May 20 CEC refused to register the initiative group in the referendum on the preservation of the former duties on cars, citing the negative opinion of the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor's Office. It was assumed that with the start of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia the so-called "customs clearance" multiple times will increase, but the decision to issue postponed for a year — until July 1, 2011.

Formally eliminated the need for a referendum after, as July 5 in Astana protocol on temporary exceptions to the mode of operation of a single customs territory of the representatives of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan have confirmed that the duty on the import of cars to individuals in Belarus will remain the same until at least July 1 next year. By the way, it was previously assumed that the rates will remain unchanged until 2012.

But in any case, there is no guarantee that after this again, do not start talking about the need to "unify" duties on cars from Russia, that is, raise it up to the Russian level. In the case of motorists Belarus means a 5-10-fold increase in tariff "customs clearance".

Deputy head of the BPF Igor Lyalkov — , Leader of the group — said that while the arguments in support of the referendum initiators state courts do not find. Although he believes that is a snap to collect the necessary 450,000 votes for the referendum:

Igor Lyalkov

"Today, the parties have been heard, considered the written materials. We had a request for additional materials from the CEC. In court was a representative of the CEC Khmelev Hleb, who actually confirmed earlier position departments. This is, in fact, what they said, and so far. So both parties have once again confirmed their old positions. "

On the proposed referendum to put the question: "Do you support the preservation of the amount of customs duties on the import of foreign cars to Belarus at November 26, 2009?" This duty is expected to increase significantly with the start of the Customs Union "troika", but the decision to put off the issue for a year.

An expert in the automotive industry Kirill Kryukov said that the current "stalemate" could change a new round of activity: as soon as people suspect that they are preparing new fees on the external borders of the chaos begins again.

Statements of the customs service Shpileuski having to reassure people that the other officers, who by customs have nothing to do …

"Statements by the head of the customs service Shpileuski having to reassure people that the other officers, who by customs have nothing to do, in fact, may have an entirely different meaning. Perhaps the problem — just to stem the flow of imported cars: that's enough to drive sticks. But As for the import of machinery, the process is like going on, and continues by inertia people still missing. peregonschika caught up with so many cars that many of them several dozen. For individuals already rastomazhivayut as individual entrepreneurs can not. vganyalasya This is called on the last of his money, but to realize something is very difficult. But with uncertainty still be significantly perablytatstsa. "

The fact that motorists can find out about the year that indirectly indicate the measures which kicked off on July 6. In particular, the increased duties on imports to Belarus individuals minibuses. The rates are equal to those that are doing in accordance with the unified customs tariffs and increase in comparison with the previous 2-3 times, depending on the characteristics of transport.

But the specifics of the legal entity of the Customs Union have more than six months. Since January 1 of 2010, when the union was formally launched into action, set foot on the way to the gradual bankruptcy of dozens avtasalenav across Belarus to trade at a time when fee amounts to 10 million euros, does not make sense. For the size of the customs fee you can buy a decent car from private owners. In one of the Minsk avtasalenav say that life almost came to a standstill in the firm:

drop in sales for the floorthe year will be somewhere more than 30% …

"We have a drop in sales for the floorthe year will be somewhere over 30%. Helped out a little the first quarter, when selling off old stock still, but for the second quarter fell absolutely implementation. Because as we do, and in general, the region has been a sharp reduction in sales. "

The cost of customs clearance in Belarus for individuals in times less than in Russia — from 0.35 to 0.7 euro per 1 cubic centimeter of engine capacity compared to 2,5-5,8 euro neighbors. For example, "customs clearance" Audi A6 2003 with a 3-liter engine will cost 1800 euros in Byelorussian, Russian citizen the same procedure will cost 12,000 euros. Russian tariffs since the beginning of 2010 in Belarus became mandatory for avtasalenav.

For the 6 months of 2010, Belarus imported about 60,000 cars. Moreover, the share of legal entities of that number represents only a thousand.


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