Avtoperegonschikov wanted revenues. Got losses


Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan has violated Belarusian avtoperegonschikov hopes to additional business. By July 1, the territory of Belarus was imported about 60 million vehicles on which carriers were going to make in connection with the transition to high duties. But it was approved by the decision that the current rates for imports of machinery individuals continue until mid-2011.

That the Belarusian avtoperegonschikov going to do with the acquisition of machinery?

As close to the Lithuanian border Ashmyany recently stopped construction of parking lots, which planned to sell-fitting machine:

"Paused, froze. It madeof private enterprise "Belavtalider." Situation forces. In Ashmyany many companies that sell from parking cars imported from Lithuania. This was done for the convenience of buyers to not go to Minsk to the car market ", — said a resident Oshmyan Galina Astashonok.

According to her, in their city is difficult to find a job, and so many young drawn into the auto business — Fit for sale cars with foreign markets and ports of the Baltic. Now, not only will they suffer, but also those who helped serve the machine, to prepare them for sale. Galina says:

"There's people work — and not of 5-10 people, and much more. And now will have to close down. Where to go now to our people? "

The Customs Committee peraymayutstsa no problems peregonschikov machines:

"Forthan people bought for 3-4 cars? They did it to earn cash and according to the information that will increase the duty on import? Well, then, they are just lost. Roughly speaking — that's their problem. "

Well, then, they are just lost. Roughly speaking — that's their problem.

What do truckers say? Let's listen to Mr. Igor from the district center in Brest Kobrin:

"On television, had never once spoken by the mouth of some experts that the price of the machine will increase, which supposedly should buy cars. But what are these experts? Did any of them incur any responsibility? "

Hauliers notes that many took out loans, selling the apartment. But people here are themselves to blame. Listened to advice. But it's kind of fans. Even if the fee has risen now to earn at once would not have been possible. The car — a commodity that is very difficult to sell quickly. So now just have to wait:

"Purchased machine will sell in any case, a year, two, three. But that's only for how much money will be sold car? People who have collected cars, just to have it do not work, definitely suffer this loss. Now in Belarus automotive business to make possible. "

Other haulers from Brest notes that the situation that has developed, blame the government for its inconsistent policy:

"It's very similar to some adventures. Of course, the state will benefit from this, but for ordinary people it is quite a shock, because a lot of people have lost because of this adventure. "



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