Babitskii: Laws — this one, the practice of doing business — is another

Researchers at The World Bank Group today voiced report "Investing Across Borders 2010". The Report defines two dozen parameters for evaluating the ease or difficulty of doing business for foreigners in 87 countries.

Belarus in the list stands among the most favorable to foreign investors.

Comment economist Dmitry Babitsky:

"If we are talking about the attractiveness for foreign investment, two points should be considered. First — so-called the regulatory environment, just that penetrates and the World Bank. The second — the demand for goods and services that the foreign investor wants to represent or promote.

Organizations such as the World Bank, examined the legislative environment. Their study does not apply to practices and pravoupotrebleniya. Indeed, if we look at the legislation, we can say that the conditions are created.

Investors who work here are well aware, that the Belarusian legislation at the level of laws, ordinances and decrees — this one. A practice pravoupotrebleniya — is quite another. In some industries, the practice can be fixed and the internal regulations of ministries, regional executive committees, executive committees, it may even be a letter or fax. World Bank experts are unlikely to take into account these factors.

As for the second point, to demand. Here Belarus — not a very attractive market. Markets of most goods and services are narrow. Therefore, and in this we find it difficult to compete with other regions. Because of this, many international corporations and corporations have their offices here.

I do not think investors will be guided by the research of this kind. Although, of course, estimates of the World Bank — the essential. "


The World Bank, Babitskii

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