Belarus will create a list of restricted access to the internet

Operational and Analytical Centre under the President and the Ministry of Communications Decree N4/11 approved procedures for restricting access to the Internet.

According to "Interfax-West", the Resolution establishes the procedure for restricting user access to information prohibited by the laws of the spread of Belarus. Specifically, it refers to information aimed at carrying out extremist activities, illicit trafficking in weapons, ammunition, explosives and psychotropic substances, promote illegal migration and human trafficking, the spread of pornography and incitement to violence and cruelty.

At the same time, access to bodies exercising operative investigation, prosecution and preliminary investigation of the SCC, the tax authorities, courts and other bodies and organizations, according to the decision, is not limited.

Internet service providers will limit access to the Internet based on a list of restricted access, which is compiled by the State Inspection Telecommunication Ministry of Communications, and a list of restricted access, which is compiled by the Internet service provider.

ISPs will be required to verify the relevance of daily list of restricted access.

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