Belarusian and Russian politicians: Lukashenka finished badly …

Russian NTV channel on Sunday showed a film in which the name of Alexander Lukashenko due to his political spobornikov disappearances in Belarus, and also made a lot of other criticism of the Belarusian leader. Almost simultaneously with the transmission of sharp criticism of Lukashenko come out yet on the other two Russian TV channels "Russia Today" and the First Channel. How to comment on the appearance of these films and broadcasts Belarusian and Russian policy?

Gregory Kastusyou


Boris Nemtsov

Vladimir Ryzhkov

Potential presidential candidate of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou believes that the screening of the film "The Godfather" is directly related to the upcoming presidential election:

They tried to lower Lukashenko, in his remarks, "below the knee" …

"They tried to lower Lukashenko, in his remarks," below the knee. "This is an attempt to show him who's boss, and perhaps" make "another president who will pick up the Russian ruling circles. Why, by the way, I do not support. And this is only the first step in the fight against Lukashenko, but — is they brought it, they saved it in 1996, they are constantly fed this regime. "

The leader of the movement "For Freedom", a presidential candidate in the last election Milinkevich assessed as a film about Lukashenka and the moment in which he appeared:

Such a film — it is primarily a tool for change …

"It's definitely a positive. Another thing is that this movie was supposed to appear much earlier, but not at the moment when the decision on the change of power in Belarus. We really want Belarus to be free and that no totalitarian regime, but it is very important what the purpose is placed during the show such a film. whether this goal — the freedom and independence of Belarus, or an increase in the influence of our country? Such a film — it is primarily a tool for change in order to have the most influence in Belarus, primarily economic. "

Andrei Sannikov and, owed, who have stated their intention to put forward candidates for the president, declined to comment on the NTV channel showing the movie "The Godfather" of Alexander Lukashenko.

Former First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, now one of the leading opposition politicians Boris Nemtsov convinced that the screening of the film "The Godfather" could not happen without the consent of the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. But, according to Boris Nemtsov, this does not mean that the government of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus came to an end:

This is another flash of hatred that can quickly end …

"To believe that shown on NTV film about Lukashenka, although it is true, there is a change of trend, it is impossible. Indeed, Putin's Russia, and Russia is totalitarian and corrupt, has no interest in that in Belarus there was freedom, democracy and European choice . Putin's Russia is only interested in how to get Belarusian assets and influence events from the perspective of the "big brother." As far as I understand, Belarus this is not done, not only the people of Belarus is not ready, but, of course, and all that Lukashenka's Tale. 'Cause, I think nothing of strategic does not mean this film. This is another flash of hatred that can end quickly, as soon as Lukashenko once again bend down if offered something from which he can not refuse. "

According to the well-known Russian politician, former deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Ryzhkov, the appearance of the film — the result of the game with Lukashenko in Moscow "finished badly":

means not only the beginning of the economic war between Russia and Belarus, but the information war …

"Accumulated irritation associated with many things. With the latest gas conflict and hostile rhetoric Lukashenko. Due to the fact that many years have not solved the economic issues, including those related to the purchase of Belarusian companies. Due to the fact that Lukashenko does not recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. What is playing a double game between Russia and the West. Recent events around the Customs Union if until recently it was not clear, Belarus is involved or not. All together, I think, given the result. Such hard antilukashenkovsky movie, I think, is not only the beginning of the economic war between Russia and Belarus, but information warfare, which in our societies even more difficult to read than some "gas", "milk" or "potato" war. "

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