Belarusian Lyceum students help the Poles to flood victims

Students Belaruckaga Humanities Lyceum, which are now in the summer session in Poland, joined the charity in the aftermath of major floods in the country. Losses caused by the element there, is estimated at 2.5 billion euros. More than fifty students and teachers, armed with shovels, brooms and a stretcher guests to Wilke in southern Poland.

In the city of Lublin Vilkave students and teachers of the Lyceum helped local residents clean up homes and neighborhoods zburanyya heavy rains and mountain mudslides. His stormy temper shown here Vistula and its canals, which overflowed and covered a hundred acres of land. The Belarusians have worked within the "weekend for the flood victims," which is supported by the Polish «Radio TOK FM» i «Radio Zlote Przeboje», as well as the newspaper «Metro». As told in an interview to «Metro» deputy director of the Lyceum Lavon Barshcheuski, assistance to the victims was the idea of the students themselves:

"At first we wanted to cancel the trip to Poland to financially burden our friends in such a difficult situation — said Mr. Barshcheuski. — However, the management of "Club of Catholic Intelligentsia," the invitation is for recent Lyceum students come here, said that not even a question that the trip did not take place. In turn, we offered to help his Polish counterpart in clean-up after the flood. "

Mr. Barshcheuski noted that the volunteers did not go to the touch — there were specific addresses of those who need help, and where people are really waiting for support. Children and adults were cleaning the streets, collecting dirt, clean the house and church. For Mr. RL Barshcheuski submitted details of the work:

Mostly wooden houses there, and you just have to endure. What we are part and do — destroy the guys a cooking, a stable.

"The work was different. There's all fatally destroyed, in fact, on the second floor. The water was four feet tall, and she came in two waves. And that was less than four meters, consider, destroyed. All the trees are dead, hop plantations and other crops, orchards. Well, the worst thing happened in homes where everything has turned into a solid mess — and the furniture and interior design. Mostly wooden houses there, and you just have to endure. What we are part and do — destroy the guys a cooking, a stable. And mostly — to wash dirty buildings, packed in bags, so you could take out the machine.

Overall the experience is very sad: the vast territory of the people are very palpable hit. After all, there Vistula, and away from the TV, and mountain streams mixed with the high water in the Vistula River, which formed as a result of such a powerful wave. Such water for the last hundred years, there was not. Incidentally, many volunteers work, many students from a vacation refused. That is, the action was pretty extensive. I must say that all of our children have worked well, tried as best they could, no claim to them not at all. Oh, and thanked the hosts, respectively, and to thank the organizers of the … "

Total from Minsk to Poland came nearly 70 people: 57 students and 12 teachers. In Warsaw, Gdansk and other cities of the country students "underground lyceum" take every year, they have the opportunity to at least some time to engage in civilized conditions, they are guided tours, lyceum students and teachers meet with people politics and culture. And once had to really support the victims of the disaster.

In the semi-underground status of the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum was in 2003, when it was abolished by order of the Ministry of Education. However, the administration has decided not to dissolve the institution staff, and for seven years preparing high school students is on his own program. Graduates of the Lyceum this year to continue his education in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, India.


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