Belarusian politicians — the Customs Union

July 6, Belarus joins the common customs territory of Kazakhstan and Russia. In Belarus there is effective Customs Code of the Customs Union of the three. Belarusian politicians comment on the decision.

Commenting on the decision of the head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, head of the Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk said:

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"Lukashenko joined to the Union, in which he does not believe that does not face very stiff resistance on the border with Russia. I do not think he will perform the duties arising out of the Customs Union. There is a strong likelihood that the Customs Union will become a dead structure, as the CIS, EurAsEC and the Customs Union between Belarus and Russia. There will be more conflict than it was, since each of the parties will achieve the. I do not see the political will to resolve these conflicts at the negotiating table. "

Zenon Pozniak

According to the leader of the CCP-BPF Zenon Pozniak, The Customs Union of the three — a "grave pit, an economic trap" for Belarus:

"By nature of the economy of Belarus, in principle, can not participate in such a" customs union ". This is the tomb prepared for her Russia to formally validate and justify their aggressive actions. "

Full text of the article Zenon Pozniak "The Customs Union — grave pit" can be read online

As one of the leaders of the European Coalition Statkevich, Belarus' accession to the Customs Union have both negative and positive aspects:


"To the positive is the fact that access will be maintained to a sufficiently large market. Negative — that we both can make it more difficult to access other markets and thus become more tied to one economy, one country that is not rational. Why Lukashenko went for it? Well, it's obvious. One may make a tantrum, you can jump, but when the entire industry is tied to a single country, and even grants from this country, then there is no jump. In general, we still raskhlebvaemsya with the choices our society has made in 1994, when elected populist talented, but without any strategic thinking. We see now that Belarus is in a deadlock. Now that Lukashenko talks about independence, I'm beginning to fear for that independence. After all, once after these statements are concessions of sovereignty. "

Ales Lahvinets

According to the activist movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahviniec, Lukashenko was forced to sign these documents, as this encouraged his Moscow, and on the eve of the presidential campaign, he did not have the tension and the establishment of customs borders with Russia.

"He was looking for short-term benefits to preserve its power, and this is due to the signing of documents. Perhaps this is not the final step. We know of Belarus and Russia is not a rule of law, and it is one thing — to sign, the other — to perform. And in the framework of bilateral and multilateral relations problems fulfill its obligations. Common customs area with the countries that have a different structure of economies that are in need of modernization and depend on this update from the more developed countries, is not the solution to our problems. "


Customs Union Customs Union

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