Bilateral contact with anyone?

So, from the biblical texts that enabled the tabernacle of Moses, from time to time engage in two-way contact with God (CC representatives). But this structure (tabernacle) was very cumbersome, very dangerous and required rules for the treatment of complex and rather large staff.

There is a legitimate question: if the communication messengers CC Moses was an end in itself, is not it be easier to provide it with a portable transceiver device, rather than having to lug around in the desert mountain heaviest gilt logs periodically deploy the whole structure, to protect it, exposing yourself and the whole tribe of danger? Was chosen because it is the last option, it is likely that this was a good reason. And obviously, it was the fact that the tabernacle was not only a radio transmitter and receiver, but also something else.

Let's pay attention to another aspect of the biblical stories. According to the Bible, God has pledged to bring the tribe of the Hebrews from Egypt to the Promised Land. This campaign took an incredibly long time for some reason: the way out of the valley of the Nile in the Jordan Valley (linear distance of about 400 kilometers) stretched out on … 40 years! Meanwhile, it is clear that such a distance, even in the desert, on carts pulled by oxen, with numerous belongings and cattle can be quite successfully overcome in a couple of months.

Well, let's say, this path was twice as long, given the need for detours alien tribes populated areas for rest stops — all the same, it could pass for, say, six months kakih-nibud. Even allowing for the fact that the term (40 years) could be overestimated the drafters of the Bible, which were obviously not indifferent to the figure of 40 (remember the "lessons" of Moses on Mount Sinai, Noah's flood, which lasted for 40 days and 40 nights), it is still of text that Moses led his tribe for many years. In the text there are, for example, references to the first and second years of travel, for the campaign of Moses and Aaron had time to grow old, generational change, and all the events described (skirmishes with hostile tribes, various incidents and adventures in the desert) were to occur, as at least a couple of decades.

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