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Perhaps, there is now a man who has not heard the word "aura", "aura", "energy-informational structure of the body" … Accurate explanations of all these terms could not be found in dictionaries, although their existence has been proven by science. Today we decided to look into what it is — the "aura."

Let's start right off with the most correct definition: aura — a complex energy fields of different nature that exists around all living things. Every person, animal, and plant from birth are placed in a special energy cocoon, consisting of electromagnetic, thermal, acoustic, and many more radiation. They allow all living entities to be part of our physical universe — a huge energy space, but part of the unique. Since the aura carries the information for a particular organism, its organs and systems of health or disease. It — invisible energy shell, connecting us with the environment and at the same time separating from her. From the point of view of science, biological — a hard fact, it can be fixed appliances, like most of the electromagnetic fields. And the first such experiments, evidence was obtained in the early twentieth century. In the eighties of the same century, a more advanced technique allowed to "see" that the aura is shaped cocoon, or more precisely the "egg", directed sharp end at the feet of a man and extending to a distance of 2 to 5 meters either side of the body (in a healthy person). In case of illness aura is much smaller, and even the "failures" of violating the integrity of the energy cocoon. It is these "failures" (they are located in front of the patient's body) allow psychics to make the diagnosis of the disease, even before the person feels unwell and seek medical advice.

On the dangers of militants and bad thoughts

Experiments monitoring of bio explain the interesting fact — integrity is good for our health, and create feelings of illness. If, for example, a man in a rage, "splashes" negative emotions, in this moment the capacity of his bio dramatically reduced the impetus falls and vitality. Even the sad thoughts and fear of "cutting back" spatial dimensions of the bio! So, scary movies, love experiences and family scandals directly strike the state of health of each of us. Fans of fighters do not envy … The best prevention of disease — mental peace, serenity and joy. Long live comedy!

Not to be confused with aura

The great doctors of ancient civilizations even hundreds of years before Christ said that every man is surrounded by invisible emanations. The saints in ancient icons are surrounded by glowing halos, and psychics claim that a person is always accompanied by a kind of multi-colored cloud — aura. Maybe this is the very aura? In fact, these two concepts — the aura and the aura — absolutely not one and the same, although they are often confused.

Biofield — causing physical component of our body (the body). That is why it can be fixed, and many people are able to feel it. But the aura of the so-called "subtle body" of man, which is surrounded by a dense body. And such a thin body-shell of a man 7: etheric, astral, mental, karmic, the intuitive, the body and the body of the absolute nirvana. Aura can not "detect" devices — it exists in a space with other physical laws, and "see" it may be the only people a rare talent — seers, prophets, psychics. By the way, the discussion about the color of the aura pure fiction. After color — the concept of the material, it's just waves of a certain frequency that captures our eye. At the same color of the aura can not be, in principle, just so accessible to the common man, the psychics describe their supersensible experience.

Far and wide

Scientists say they are a source of bio cell membranes of living matter. A vibration of the atoms that make up cells, create concepts such as "polarity" and "power" biofield. It depends on them cases surprising understanding between two people, passionate love, and, on the contrary, conflicts and burning hatred.

Take an ordinary dowsing pendulum (this role successfully execute any symmetric, heavy object tied to a long string — a ring, nail, bullet). Hold the pendulum at rest in an outstretched palm, and he begins to oscillate, subject to the polarity of your biofield. Fluctuations along the palm are called longitudinal, there are still cross, circular and dual vibration.

People cross the biofield — the most active, energetic, capable to risk. That they make talented businessmen and politicians, but in their personal lives, they are very conflicted and do not know how to avoid obstacles party — or climb ahead "in a bottle." Longitudinal aura distinguishes humans very adaptability, sociable, kind, but not too active, or more simply, lazy — they are in any society are always the majority. Have combined biofield are rare, it is bright, artistic nature, with the unsettled life goals, which throws to extremes. Combined biofield — throughput ticket bohemian areas, the musical Olympus or … to sexual minorities. A most agreeable and loved by all people with circular biofield.

Biofield not choose

Hurtful truth is that different types of bio poorly compatible literally at the biological level. "Transverse" and "longitudinal" people are interested in each other, but they can not get along for a long time, "combined" friends only with the same, as they themselves extravagant eccentrics. The exceptions are people with "circular" biofield, which are well aligned with all the other and are able to smooth out the rough edges of another character. They are more often than others find true love and personal happiness. A very long and happy marriages happen when the husband and wife are the same species and the biofield, and polarity.

But what do you do if your aura is not in any match, for example, with the head, or her beloved husband? In the first case, it is enough to sit next to the boss, even though he did not put your desk next to her, feeling some discomfort. And best of all to measure the pendulum for all of its employees and arrange the tables so that the "circular" peacekeepers sat between his "transverse" and "longitudinal" brethren. And the conflict will be less, and improve the health (and all at once.) But with family happiness is more complicated …

Experienced psychics claim that the increasing number of divorces occur in the family where the husband and wife have the most conflicting types of bio — transverse and longitudinal. Them to health and happiness to rest from each other as often as possible. First of all — do not work together, and second, to spend the weekend and the holiday apart from each other, or where a lot of space and freedom — in the country, in the woods. As we have said, the maximum limits of a healthy human biofield stretch of 2-5 meters. So, the more often you need to move away from loved by 4-10 meters (eg, weeding the beds, picking mushrooms or swimming in the sea). In these moments, you will no longer have a negative impact on each other. But, as you know, reside in the spatial separation of spouses to — otherwise what is the point in the marriage. So you need to learn more and to regulate their own health care, to replenish the reserves of energy spent for a loved one, or more precisely to fight his biofield.

Himself a psychic

How can ever achieve peaceful mood that keeps our aura, and at the same time to restore it from the energy battle with loved ones? It's not too difficult and long invented by masters of spiritual traditions. Well energy is perceived and held in a state of meditation. This state of inner concentration helps to forget about everyday worries and get closer to the universe, and it immediately sends us a "fresh" energy.

You start with relaxation — it is better to just sit down on a chair, not a complicated yogic pose. For beginners it is only a hindrance. Then, one after the all the muscle groups, starting with the legs (there's biofield is the smallest) to the muscles of the face.

After this, set free even breathing. Do not artificially slow the breathing in and out — just breathe, slowly and, most importantly, their cares away. 8-10 breaths as you begin to breathe during sleep (breath and followed him without a long pause, exhale, pause and a deep breath again.) The next step is to meditate correctly — the liberation of all thoughts. This is the most difficult task for the people of our century, filled with information, but there is nothing supernatural. After some training, you will learn how to easily throw away all thoughts from his mind as an unnecessary piece of paper into a trash bucket.

Continue to breathe and imagine how the air passes through the nose into the lungs, carrying energy from the environment. And when you exhale, this energy "fills" your aura, like a balloon. Usually 30-40 breaths enough to "inflate" ball thoroughly — that is, to replenish prana in the body. Meditation is complete.

Now we will try to make sure that captured by the energy of the universe properly circulate within our bio, and not settled unnecessary weight — so it is unlikely to no benefit to health. Help another known means — self-massage. Need to gently massage your hands active points in the third eye in the wings of the nose, the chin, the temples in the BTE depressions. And then, remembering childhood pranks to pull his ears. Only for a reason, and right in a certain order — first pull earlobe down, then pull up the top of the ear, then the sides, and then twist the ears of clockwise and counter-clockwise. Ears warm up, and all the stored energy is distributed throughout the body. If you perform this simple complex of at least every other day, a good mood and feeling better — do not wait long.

Finally, a tip for those who would like to experience first hand the invisible shell and to self-test. To do this best, too, in a state of deep concentration. Stand up, close your eyes, focus and rub palms to heat. Bring the hands to the body (in the solar plexus or navel) and start slowly to dismiss them yourself, and then zoom. At some distance you will feel a kind of elastic sphere (this is one of the layers of bio). Without lifting your hands, try to see the mind's eye of energy "egg" completely, keep a hand along its surface. If you got a site where the hands are no longer feel the elasticity or she is found near the skin itself — hence, there is reason to suspect ill health officials close to him. But "heal" the wounds of energy can all be the same way — in a good mood and regular meditation.

Astropsychologist Vasilisa Volodin


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