Biopena to help the soldier to survive after being wounded

Biopena to help the soldier to survive after being wounded
South American military doctors get a new substance that almost everyone remembers construction foam applied in order to plug the cavity walls. Doctors say it is a unique substance in the future will help to rescue thousands of human lives. First, it comes to saving soldier wounded in battle.

The substance is injected into the body almost soldier who was wounded that stops bleeding. Blood stops because the foam material expands and produces effective restoration of vascular integrity. During this period, the wounded can be brought to the infirmary, where he will provide all necessary assistance. If we consider that most of the soldier dies after heavy fighting particularly from blood loss, the new material should lead to a revolution in medicine.

First testing the new foam material led to a sixfold reduction in the volume of blood loss. It has become a prerequisite for increasing the chances of surviving a fighter even after three hours after receiving a severe wound. Three hours — it’s applicable time in order to take out the soldier on the battlefield and brought to a military hospital for the upcoming healing.

The question is, who will enter the body foam fighter? This doctor responded that the introduction of a solution to make himself a fighter. He has to make for himself in the abdomen two injections. Water from both vials in contact with the polymer is formed of polymeric character, and the volume of the polymer may Strength is 30 times that will halt internal bleeding in case of fire or shrapnel. If a wounded soldier will not be able to inject himself, it is able to do for him, his comrade. Biopena that such makarom is received, will typify own shield after solidification and prevent damage to the internal organs.

After hitting a wounded soldier on the surgical table, you can simply remove the foam. It is reported that the surgeon is able to make a minute.

The new material has passed the test in pigs, and the survival rate after the injury during the first 3 hours up to 9 times!

But a new invention is skeptical assessments from the military itself. Many people say that when wounded in the abdomen biopena can simply mix with the contents of the stomach or intestinal tract, which leads to sad consequences for others wounded. Will they be able to cope with the consequences of the acts poisonous consistency doctors, are not entirely clear.

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