Blackmail compromising

As a "man pressed against the wall" and to recruit, carefully written in all textbooks for intelligence schools. But life is even more difficult. And many of the traditional methods of intelligence is no longer working. To replace them came others. This is a veteran observer told our Russian and Russian intelligence colonel, retired Igor V. Kuznetsov.

On the broads do not glow

I have long been preparing for this interview. And, going on a visit to the old counterintelligence, printed on a printer a few pages from your own computer files on the treacherous turncoats. Here are just some excerpts from it.

Alexander Filatov, a member of Russian attashata in Algeria. Major GRU. Americans began to develop it during his previous trips — in Laos. It turned out that the main passion Filatov were ladies. At one point, when he walked down the street, near the car braked. Sitting behind the wheel of a snow-white attractive lady offered a ride. After some time they had a seemingly chance encounter at the store. Next — a visit to the lady, dancing, sex. At another meeting instead of the beauties foreigners come employee of the U.S. mission. He showed photos of Major stormy night and offered their porazdavat its employees.

During the 14 months of work for the CIA Filatov passed all the lists of residency KGB and GRU Annual Report embassies and other documents completely hidden. He was arrested in Moscow and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Released in '92.

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Red Banner Institute of Intelligence of the Yuri Andropov, General Vladimir Piguz, who owned all the inside information about the graduates. In 1974 in Indonesia, he broke down on the local beauty and almost 10 years of working for the CIA. Hard to imagine what a giant filing cabinet could make his "owners" of the CIA. According to rumors that spread later in Yasenevo (headquarters outside Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation), walking the dog in the evening, the colonel passed student information over the radio hidden in her collar. Took him only because of Aldrich Ames. Shot.

On the women got stung and threw home colonel of the KGB residency in Washington Boris Ugine (convicted, pardoned in 1992), an employee of the department of military-political problems of the Institute of USA and Canada, USSR, Vladimir Potashov (recruited in Washington, then convicted, pardoned in '92 ). Worked in Bogota under the roof of a diplomat Alexander gardener was tempted agent-Spaniard (see the movie "TASS is authorized to declare," written by Juliana Semenova). Poisoned.

After reading these lines from a file, I looked triumphantly at the Colonel Kuznetsov:
— If the "honey trap" spies caught prof, then how many ordinary men ruined female recruiter?

Igor V. sneered:
— Cherche la femme — "look for a woman." I myself on a youth almost flew out of service because of a divorce. Faced Party commission with their heads hanging in the pose of a penitent sinner. For excitement twisted his hands, but he, the young fool, with all this thought: how hedgehogs have sex? Brambles also interfere …

— You see, sexual instincts operate in all situations — columnist responded, "AN." — Because all the intelligence use "honey trap."

But Igor did not agree:
— On the broads is not the blaze. Well before smart people simply brushed aside this kind of blackmail. Remember in the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring" Schellenberg said a failure to recruit the Brazilian consul? When presented to the sexy photos of his antics in a luxury brothel, he asked for another set of pictures. Allegedly, his wife loves porn.

We laughed together, remembering the beloved movie. And after the owner of the house said entertaining the case where the KGB "honey trap" did not always lead to success. For example, the visit of Indonesian President Sukarno is long remembered in the Lubyanka. It seemed that everything was the best way. Do not even had anyone send for a purpose. The president clearly sought to give, each time new ones. Shortcomings in the "personnel" was not felt, and much to the ecstasy of the operatives managed to take not one, but several movies that have scrolled and the highest guest when finished the official part of the visit. And after all that? The only response loving president a friendly country was asked to give him a copy of "My people will be proud of me!"
This was back in the middle of the last century. And now, after the revolution in the world of sexy stranger lady in bed, and a fortiori not be compromising and became a means of blackmail.

In the Kremlin, "blue" eating and drinking …

— Who now serves as bait in traps sexy? Neuzh then men? — I could not resist the tactless question, knowing that our intelligence is always with contempt for homosexuals, even using them successfully.

— "Gay-trap" is also evenly taper off, — said the Colonel Kuznetsov. — In almost all countries, and now in Russia gays no longer hide, take to the streets, holding their parades. Representatives of the "blue mafia" you can meet on the biggest positions.

— A specific examples lead is weak? — I tried podnachit Igor Vladimirovich.

In response, he turned on the video recorder. On the recording was the Kremlin's press conference with Dmitry Medvedev and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Smiling all 30 two teeth, Dmitry Anatolyevich joked about rumors of an attempt to Russian special services in the 80s to recruit today's prime minister of England.

— I am sure that David would have been a very good KGB agent, but in this case he would never have become prime minister of Britain, — said Medvedev.
Previously, in some British media reported that nineteen Cameron visited Yalta, and with him there was a case that is similar to an "attempt to recruit to the KGB." In an interview with the BBC BBC a couple of years back he told himself.

But at first Cameron had to tell the staff about the incident British Intelligence MI-5. He revealed that in 1985, after graduating from Eton school, traveled the world. In Moscow he met with his school friend, Anthony Griffith and went with him to Yalta.

When the two of them were sunbathing on the beach, set up for foreign tourists, with two of them suddenly started talking Russian. They expressed themselves in a perfect British. Soon had lunch together. And then new acquaintances invited young Britons dine caviar.

— The night was drunk a lot. Black caviar seized in young British aristocrats in huge demand. But Oksana seductive with the breast of the fourth or fifth the size of their left flegmantichnymi. Nineteen-man with obvious enthusiasm glanced at the slender figure Valeria — local interpreter Intourist with epaulets starleya.

— You say that David Cameron and his partner Anthony Griffith were gay?

— Among corrupt British aristocracy is not considered a great sin, — Igor grins. — In such a compromising dead sons of Albion, we never got caught. It's in our time for sodomy was given to 6 years jail. In the West, gay men were sitting in the chairs of Mayors huge city.

— And we can meet them and in the midst of ministers, and in the midst of the arbitrators, not to mention the deputies — to avoid lawsuits I did not name specific names, many of which are on everyone's lips.

— Bisexuality in the middle of the politicians — not a new phenomenon. They're almost all imitated the Roman patricians. But the use of drugs, even in the most democratic society stare with disapproval — Igor handed me a letter from his own record.

It said that in 19
79, David went on home tradition in elite Eton Institute. In May 1983, shortly before the first date of final examinations, he was caught smoking marijuana, but since confessed to the crime and did not distribute the drug in the middle of the other students, he was not expelled, for a while denying the right to go beyond the walls of the institute. According to rumors, before the start of his political career, Cameron could drink and hard drugs. Maybe, because the MP Cameron offered to reduce the responsibility for the use and sale of the drug Ecstasy.

The money trap

Not so long ago, British journalists released figure zabugornyh capital in Russia is now the ruling clan. According to them, it has exceeded $ 130 billion. "Green". At any moment the currency can be frozen in foreign banks. Prepositions can be found easily. For example, high-profile case in the near future lawyer Magnitsky. The list of unwanted Russian officials, the recall was in October 2011, the South American Senator Benjamin Cardin. It is kept secret and is constantly supplemented.

States perceive themselves "Magnitsky Act" in recent times: the bill supports the majority of Republicans and Democrats both houses of Congress. It is expected that apart from the U.S. capital freeze and finish the list of persons involved in the issuance of visas Magnitsky as Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Who is more vulnerable to blackmail compromising? It is in power super-rich bureaucrats, both current and former. The press called big names.

In the first 10-ments of the richest people in power are the last Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, Minister of Transport Igor Levitin, as a married couple, Viktor Khristenko — Golikova. But even their family ahead of the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

However, he himself, as measured by the income statement, as the poor little church mouse. But an unemployed spouse — Baksova billionaire. In 2009 Olga Shuvalov became co-owner of "District-Development", which owns the land in the same village in the Odintsovo district near Moscow, where the Business School "Skolkovo" and planned to build a Russian "Silicon Valley." At the lowest estimate, "District-Development" owns more than 250 hectares of nearby "Skolkovo". According to experts, the price of land in the area is seeking five million dollars per hectare. Acquired in nedavneshnem held outside Moscow on the cheap precious land — it is far not the only business asset Shuvalov family.

In computers, foreign intelligence services, I'm sure a lot of specific examples of similar "financial mischief." Because of the "currency trap" to get out much more complicated than sexy.

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