Blow his head than it is dangerous?

Blow his head than it is dangerous?  Photo from

Head brain— The sanctum sanctorum of the body — it would seem, is firmly protected by the bones of the skull. But it was the skull trauma often causes brain damage. As you know, between the bones of the skull and the brain are the meninges and a special fluid — CSF, further protecting the brain. During header brain continues to move by inertia, that is, moves inside the skull, sharply bumping into the skull. Cerebrospinal fluid dampens the movement, but not always. And with a strong injury if there is a fracture of the skull, the brain can damage the bone fragments.

Children's skull— Even more fragile and vulnerable structure. The probability of brain injury when struck his head much higher in children than in adults. Especially in the first year of life, when rodnichkok not yet closed, and the bones of the skull easily dislodged on impact.

Adults need to know where the kid lurking danger. Fall to the floor with a changing table or fall out of the stroller — "hobby" babies. Older children learn the world by testing it on the strength of their own forehead. The young traveler, even sharp angles is not necessary — it will stuff a lump literally out of the blue. And it is good if the lump. When baby grows up and starts to run, it is unknown who often grabs his head — scared to death mom or himself.

Fully protect the child from injury, alas, is impossible. If your child falls infrequently — not too over you shake it? According to Benjamin Spock, "it will save him a bone, but will spoil the character." How are we to you if you do not keep the baby, then at least reduce the risk of head injury?

Children under one year

Breastfeeding babies often roll on the floor with baby changing facilities, so no need to swaddle the baby on the table and, for example, on the couch. It is lower. In addition, to mitigate the possible fall, spread a rug under the table or next to the couch. Another three basic recommendations:

  • never for a moment taking his eyes off the baby during diaper changing;
  • Try to stick his hand;
  • if should absent himself (for a bottle or pick up the phone or open the door), take the baby with you. Otherwise, he may at any time to turn over from back to stomach (about the consequences of such an acrobatic best not to think).

Follow the kid has also when he lies peacefully in her crib. However, lies — that's half the battle. As soon as he starts to weaken, look at both. If your restless already mastered the art of sitting, immediately becomes low, the stroller. And of course, one in which baby and can sit and lie down. From a wheelchair to get him harder, and fall safely.

The kid went

Protect the child from falling in the apartment are special socks with the "brakes" (these are rubberized vstavochki the sole of the sock that reduce slip). They are especially useful in the apartment with parquet floors. In place of the usual routes, lay the baby mats (but so that they lay tight and do not slip on the floor). For the first time wrap some solid matter from the sharp corners of furniture, door jambs. Take away the chairs and other furniture away from windows — it will keep the inquisitive man with desire to get on the windowsill or scary to think to open the window.

Types of injuries

If misfortune happened and the child fell, hitting his head while the main thing — do not panic, do not figure out who to blame. All the attention to the kid. Your task is to quickly find out how serious the injury. How to do it? The easiest injury— Contusion of soft tissues of the head (not to be confused with a brain injury!). Thus the brain does not suffer. At the point of impact may be a little sore or bump. A child porydat minutes 10-20 settles down and behaves normally. In this case, the doctor can not handle.

When concussion is much more serious: there may be a brief loss of consciousness, begins vomiting (in children under 3 months — multiple), the skin is pale, cold sweat appears. The child lethargic, drowsy, refuses to eat, those who are older and can speak — complain of headaches, ringing in the ears.

Even more serious injury — a brain contusion. In this case, immediately after the injury probably long shutdown of consciousness (sometimes no more than an hour). In particularly severe cases, lead to abnormalities of breathing and heart activity. At the turn of the skull, in addition to the general poor state of the child, there may be a light flow of blood or fluid (CSF) from the nose or ear, eye bruise (symptom score). It is important to know that in fractures of the skull bones symptoms do not appear immediately, but after a few hours of injury. So rule number one — after the injury (damage) of the head should be over-attentive to monitor the condition of the child.

Any doubts that "everything is in order," — a reason for immediate medical attention. If signs of a concussion or contusion of the brain causing a doctor immediately.


If there is no obvious damage to the bones of the skull, to the place of impact is necessary to make cloth dampened with cold water or ice in a rag. This will reduce the pain and swelling of the tissues will stop the bleeding. The bleeding can be stopped and so — enclosing the wound tight piece of dry matter (swab). If it is soaked with blood, over the first swab apply a second. Attention! If after 15 minutes the bleeding continues, call your doctor immediately.

After any head injury, a child needs a rest, but within an hour do not let him go to sleep, otherwise you will not realize how hard his condition. Wake the baby at night. If he does not respond to simple questions, he or uncoordinated, or repeated vomiting — call me a doctor urgently. Pay attention to the pupils: they are unequal size indicates severe brain damage. If you suspect a serious injury, and the baby went to sleep — do not wait until he wakes up: call your doctor. If a child after hitting his head and lost consciousness you have already caused "soon", lay the baby on its side to vomit does not hit the airways. If you suspect that, in addition to the brain, spine hurt (a fall from a height on the head or on the back), turn the child should be extremely careful and so that the body andhead are on the same axis: this will help avoid further injury.

But yet the most important thing that is required of you, if a child is injured — stay calm. The adequacy of your reactions depends on too many things — a little man's health.

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