After the release of the joint with Germany and Britain applets MRAV (Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle — multipurpose armored) France began to develop his car for his substitution tracked AMX-10P armored personnel carriers, the armament of its ground forces. Envisaged to build from 700 to 1,000 vehicles, including more than 550 infantry combat vehicles and 150 teams but staff vehicles. In 2000, after the competition, the company «Satori military viklz» (joint venture GIAT and «Reno») has received a contract to design, build and complete logistics machine, which is now known as VBCI (trans. — armored combat vehicle infantry). The contract provides for the creation and testing of prototypes 4. First production aircraft to be built in 2005, and the first battalion of these machines is formed by 2006. Concept creation VBCI reflects eagerness to lower cash costs as the development machine, and during its upcoming maintenance and security. It was one of the reasons that it has been selected wheel circuit machines, which are widely used in components and assemblies civilian cars. BMP has VBCI wheel formula 8×8, four driven front wheels and central tire inflation system. Assembling machine standard — in the bow driver (left) and power pack compartment (right), followed by the commander in the middle of the tower, and at the stern — the troop compartment. It holds nine hundred percent-equipped infantrymen, whose access to the machine and dismount made through stern ramp to the door.

VBCI — an independent development of England after its exit from the applets MRAV. Germany, together with the Netherlands continued to work on MRAV, with the result that was created Boxer armored personnel carrier

The main armament is VBCI 25-mm gun

All infantry fighting vehicles equipped with air-conditioner VBCI

For firing landing without leaving the car in the sides and stern there are loopholes and inspection units. In the embodiment of armed BMP VBCI single tower «Dragar» GIAT company with a 25-mm cannon and coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun (620 ammo ammunition and 1,400 respectively).


Powerful engine allows dispersed VBCI to 100 km / h

BMP VBCI can be transported by air military transport aircraft Airbus A400M

BMP VBCI as part of UN peacekeeping forces

Properties armor BMP VBCI closed, but it is clear that the applied reservation protects the machine range from 14.5 mm armor-piercing bullets mnogokalibernogo gun CPV, which is a standard requirement for BMP NATO nations, from the cumulative ammunition antitank gun type RPG-7, and armor-piercing shells from guns medium caliber. On the basis of VBCI also developed self-propelled anti-tank «Erika» and «Milan».

Command-staff vehicle weighs a little more than 23 tons, has a crew of 2 persons, staff office for 5 people and armed with 12.7-mm machine gun on a remote-controlled carriage.

Tactical and technical properties
Weight: 25.6 m
Crew: 2 persons
Troopers: 9 people
Dimensions: Body Length — 7.60 m,
width — 2.98 m,
body height — 2.20 m,
body height — 0.50 m
Armor unknown
Armament: 25mm puksha M811, 7.62-mm machine gun
Ammunition: 620 rounds, 1400 rounds of 7.62 mm
Propulsion: diesel engine capacity of 404.53 kW (550 hp.).
Overcoming obstacles: trench width 2.00 m,
ford deep 1.20 m (1.50 m with preparation)
The highest rate: on the highway — 100 km / h
Progress in store: on the highway — 750 km

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