Brest expects investments from China

Leaders Pruzhansky district hopes to RUB 150 billion of Chinese investment — investment proposals for such amount today presented the Chinese delegation, who is on a visit to the Brest region.

Representative Chinese delegation today visited the Brest Regional Executive Committee and the Executive Committee Pruzhansky.

Leaders Pruzany region of the Chinese delegation proposed seven projects for possible investment in various enterprises of the region, in including Oranchitskoye in a poultry farm. Funds are urgently needed today, so here welcome any investor, said, "Freedom," a representative of the factory:

"Talking about the investment took place in the executive committee. Among the proposed projects will be an infusion of money into radio components factory, canning factory, a starch and a poultry farm. Facilities are really needed."

Among other things, the Belarusian side invited China to take part in the reconstruction of the railway Baranovichy — Brest. Today the leadership of Brest branch of the railway does not comment on the proposal for lack of information. There is an agreement with the TPP Belozerskaia about the direction of the power plant by about 500 representatives of China. It is worth mentioning enterprise "SinAgraBel" working in the village and set up Sherchevo Chinese capital.

Virtually all of the current projects is an important point that draws attention economist Valentin Lazarenkov: in addition to funds going to Belarus and labor from China. Creation of Chinese agricultural enterprises are also not entirely justified, he said, because if you give the okay to work with the owners of Stolin, the country's demand for vegetables will be fully satisfied:

"Investment be first of all means, but from China, and people go. Thus, it turns out that China supports itself and invests himself in their territory of Belarus. I do not think China has enough scientific resources to invest in the production of Brest. After all, our most businesses simply can barely make ends meet. "

According to the Belarusian government of China has agreed to invest in the Belarusian economy about $ 15 billion.


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