Briefly about the tradition of wedding rings

Wedding rings — one of the most enduring traditions of humanity. However, some chiropractors believe that wearing them all the time, not removing, harmful to health. What is the history of this custom?

Recent scientific studies have shown that the constant wearing of tight rings adversely affect the acupuncture points are located on our fingers. This view is at odds with the history of these traditional ornaments. Where did this custom? Disputes over whether, how could actually came down the tradition of wedding rings are maintained to this day. Some sources speak of the tradition to wear the ring during the wedding ceremony, which existed among the ancient Hindus. Others tend to be called pioneers of the tradition of the ancient Egyptians, who decorated the middle finger of his left hand a gold ring spouses. Still others argue, considering engagement rings Roman invention. The Slavs also have such a custom, and confidence that the circle — the "bell" — a magic symbol, protection against evil.

It is very true that marriage is designated closed circle, symbolizing infinity and indestructible union, made of durable material. Finger carrying marital ring was considered special. That struck him salves and touch another mascot. It was believed that a smooth ring made of spouses and family life as easy and smooth. Much later, they began to appear precious stones and carvings. Ring still bears deep meaning. He was not accepted buy their unmarried people just like that, but only to receive from her husband, sharing a sign of fidelity during the marriage ceremony. Over the years, there was a fashion in the shape, width, engraving and decoration rings.

For hundreds of years, have acquired many rings will and beliefs. In some countries, they are worn on the ring finger of his left hand, the other — on the right hand. For many newlyweds is important to go to a jewelry store for both rings at once and buy them in one day. Equally important is the tradition of succession of rings from the happy couples and grandparents. Conversely, it is believed that the widow and the ring divorced spouses should no longer participate in the ceremony, it is best to keep as a memory. They are afraid of the young couple also drop the ring during the ceremony, to give to someone else or lose measure.

Of course, the signs are sometimes confused, but it must be remembered that the confidence and desire to build a marriage and a life together is stronger than any weird accident with a ring, and love — most precious than jewelry delights.


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