BRYU against NTV — the people against the Belarusian Republican Youth Union

Members of the Youth Union held a near Komorowski market share against the Russian television channel NTV.

Participants of the rally was no more than ten. They are placed on the square at the entrance to the market Komorowski television, toilet paper, and sat down on the sofa and sprayed asvyazhalnik air.

One protesters shouting through megaphones that NTV stinks, because I always falls lie. He urged passers-by to join the event.

Members of the Youth Union in the crowd looking for older people and appealed to them. But suddenly rebuffed. People began to express their solidarity with the NTV channel, and said that it is the only channel where you can get reliable information. People accused the Belarusian Republican Youth Union members that they serve Lukashenko. Also, people have accused Belarusian TV channels in false information.

Interviewed protesters said they did not watch the movie "The Godfather". They also said that the action is permitted by Minsk authorities.

The representative of the Minsk City Executive Committee did not answer the question Radio Liberty, or take permission from the authorities to share Youth Union members. Like, lots of permits and can not remember all of them.

Aktyvity BRYU asvyazhayuts air from the "odor of NTV"

Passers-read instructions on how to view channel NTV BRYU

Tools for NTV

The police quietly watching the action

Gauze bandages for NTV

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