Businessman Andrei Bondarenko starving more for 2 weeks

In Bobruisk colony continues hunger strike businessman Andrei Bondarenko. Political prisoner Autukhovich has made dental treatment in a private clinic. Vladimir Osipenko transferred from the quarantine to the squad Ivatsevichy colony.

Businessman Andrei Bondarenko, who is serving seven years in prison Bobruisk has not stopped the hunger strike to protest against the verdict, which is illegal. This is "Radio Liberty" said the prisoner's sister Irina Bondarenko.

Andrey Bondarenko began a hunger strike on 15 June. In Bobruisk colony of this information does not comment. The relatives of the prisoner, with reference to his letter saying that he feels fine so far, although it is gradually losing weight. Irina Bondarenko also reported that her brother's hunger strike is not affected for the worse in his relations with the administration of the colony:

"He's got a bit of everything is good. The letters, however, sends such a very short, but supposedly health while normal. "

An important step towards a certain victory to remedy health made prisoners of the Minsk detention center Autukhovich. He gained advice from independent physicians, who said he needed urgent dental prosthetics. On offer protection Autuhovich operation is likely to be held in Minsk certain private clinic. Lawyer Paul Sapelka hopes that the police would agree to take back Autukhovich. Never before such measures for the prisoner had been made, said human rights activist and a former investigator Oleg Volchek:

The same should escort him to ensure that other measures. And they were so never met. Toothache — and let the hurt.

"It's necessary to escort him to ensure that other measures. And they were so never met. Toothache — and let the hurt. In an extreme case, pull up. And here it is necessary to make such an effort! He pierced them with this "

On June 16, Autukhovich, who more than a year to keep Volodarka, went on hunger strike and warned that after 5 days if he did not arrange a meeting with a representative of the Department of Corrections for prosthetics, start a hunger strike. After 5 days of prisoner medical officer visited the council of the Department of Corrections Alexander Krasko and discussed the holding of consultations and treatment. July 1 Autuhovich did visit doctors for advice, and the next day was defined private clinic where the treatment will take place.

Former soldier Vladimir Osipenko, which was held in one case of preparing a terrorist act with Nicholas Autukhovich, no problem was quarantined in the colony, and has already got in the squad. Osipenko work is not given, he spends time talking to prisoners and prison Ivatsevichy waiting amnesty, which should give him the will, said daughter Osipenko Ludmila:

"Nothing like that picav. Sends letters, talks about the mood, that's all. We decided to visit him stopped going, he did not. Like, a few left, wait no meetings in the colony. In the meantime, to restrict the making. "

Meanwhile, an amnesty law, which hopes to Vladimir Osipenko, finally could not take.

Help Liberty

Entrepreneur of Vawkavysk Autukhovich and former military Vladimir Osipenko, who were accused of plotting a terrorist act against senior officials of his guilt in court is not recognized and stated that they are being persecuted for anti-corruption activities. Both are in custody since February 8, 2009. Autukhovich sentenced to 5 years 2 months in prison for illegal possession of ammunition, Vladimir Osipenko to 3 years for illegal weapons handling. Mikhail Kozlov, who allegedly helped Autukhovich and Asipenka, punished by 2 years in prison for failure to fulfill their duties.

UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko pleads not guilty and explains the persecution for political reasons. In particular, in retaliation for participation in the 2008 parliamentary elections. The first sentence Bondarenko, who last year made a May Day court in Minsk, has been canceled, the case for a new trial, but on the second attempt businessman convicted of embezzlement and fraud sentenced to 6 years with confiscation of property.



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