By order of the President started the harvest

By order of Alexander Lukashenko in all regions of Belarus until July 20 to begin the harvest. Among the first to carry out the order began in the Brest region. The head of the local vertical Konstantin Sumar Lukashenko promised this year to gather in the fields of a record crop — 1.5 million tons of grain. However, at this point in the peasants themselves have doubts.

According to the Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Konstantin Sumar, a day in the field of planning and dry namolachivaet 70,000 tons of grain. On He said, equipment and people ready for this. All vertical control is carried out. By the Comptroller General in the harvest promised to be Lukashenko himself.

On the ground, perform the disposal of high officials. But without much enthusiasm. Chief Agronomist collective farms "Young Guard" from the village of Brest region Chernovtsy says that hope for a good harvest, and the collection of half a million tons of grain is extremely difficult. Cold and snowy winter, cold spring and early summer rainy adversely affected the stairs:

"I think that getting a day about 70 million tons of grain on the field is still possible. But on the whole harvest of half a million tons — a rather strong word. "

Much of the farms not only depends on the weather, security, but also from the people, says agronomist:

"If a normal team, that's how this dryer, then no questions. We must — and by night will work. But there are those in respect of which a lot of questions and problems … "

Former farm power engineer of Ivatsevichy district believes that the work of agricultural cooperatives often does not look quite organized:

If the engine broke down, well, if you can remove it from the unit and other unnecessary to put in place the broken.

"The disadvantages include poor enforcement is necessary components, equipment, fuel. For example, if the engine broke down, well, if you can remove it from the unit and other unnecessary to put in place the broken. On a quick repair can not count. Sometimes it is not enough fuel vehicles. This is a very greatly reduces the pace of work. "

And farmers are beginning to harvest. However, not by the order of the vertical and on his experience.

Farmer of the Stolin district Alex believes that the collective farms just exhausted. Announced plans by the number of harvested grain, private owners would perform without orders, control, additional multi-billion infusion. On agriculture, the owner has to work, and the farmer is not convinced Alex:

"It's just a terrible system, it is necessary to urgently get rid of, as we become beggars in their own country. In the farm nothing to anyone interested. Chairman of the farm concerned only to stay in power, but he was not interested in the result of this is not it. "


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