Bykov streets yet, but …


In Grodno streets Bykov yet known, but there is a clear desire it to be. And, most importantly, there is a solution toponymic commission to a new street for New Bridge Street became the Niemen People's Writer of Belarus.

But opinions are divided. Some of relief took the ice finally broken, because all previous proposals perpetuate the name of the famous writer met a blank wall. Skeptics and the most stubborn patriots but argue (although the decision, by the way, has not yet approved the city government), that the name should have Bykov is not offered — zanemanskaya, and the street in the historical building where he once lived.

As canceled "victory"

I must emphasize that in the bureaucratic box is a specific solution: Suspend peranazvanne streets in Grodno. In short, let the Patriots will be a hundred times over Bykov street in the center, it is now impossible. I would also like to remind — that prompted the government to veto the renaming. As you know, the City Council approved a new name for one long avenue lined with, giving him the name of the former first secretary of the regional committee of the PBC Kletskova.

The most active residents rebelled against it, wrote the complaint, collecting signatures. It would seem that what people were conscious, the most important thing — not the meek and tolerant! But, my friends, what name they defended so vehemently? Name-abracadabra Soviet grade — "40 Years of Victory". Principalities during the communist era with fantasy was very bad: in the "40 Years of Victory" rested prospect "of the 60th anniversary of the Great October," today, Yanka Kupala, as taken care of in a short democratic times.

As far as I remember, Grodno Toponimical Commission met once chaired Milinkevich — deputy head of the then Executive Committee Seeds Domash (famous last name!). Now, if a dozen streets in the center to rename, but not all, of which the commission assumed then. By the way, proposals have come from pensioners and they wanted to "50th anniversary of the victory of" decoupling street near the present Philharmonic Society named "Victory Square" — as in Minsk. The current head of the Movement "For Freedom" cooled them: there is a prospect in the 40th anniversary of the Victory, and Victory Street and Lane, is it worth repeating? And retirees agreed: there is no point.

A reasonable compromise?

Today, the authorities does not like to bottom-up initiatives, if they are not thought up on top, of course. This also applies to the future of the street Bykov too. But the deal began to take real shape. In the same toponymic Commission has, among other things, the officials, their decisive word. Apparently he himself was pleased that the compromise came up with that is not a bad street without a name was found in a beautiful place zanemanskoe.

This is the second case in This year, Grodno: first street appeared Dubko Alexander, newly built, of course. Both about the same distance from the center, but by golly future street Bykov in a much more beautiful place. By the way: the authorities seem to err — with Sverdlov street (in a historical building, it offered some rename Bykov) in toponymic Commission received signatures of tenants who allegedly did not want to live on the street Vasil Bykov and his hands and feet for the fact that it has retained Soviet name.

And what do you think is best in our state — pie in the sky, or a bird in the hand? Whatever you say, and participants toponymic Commission clearly showed that they care about — whether there will be a street Grodno Bykov. Why not near the Niemen? Grodno his buddies remembered that the writer was the one time motorboat and he loved to ride on the river.

However, one of the skeptics I said: what if next year will change the power, and what do we do then — elbows biting that rushed to the street Bykov? And I had nothing to tell him, but once I started myself feel skeptic, but — as for changes …



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