Car fever is over stupor

The market for used cars in Belarus recorded a fall in prices by 10-15%. This is due to the fact that prior to the expected increase of duties of the Customs Union, many Belarusian citizens were driven out of Europe very many cars that are now dead weight.

Earlier this year, the market was booming: against the background of the hype associated with the prospects of the Customs Union, the prices of some models of cars in Belarus increased by 30-40%. But now prices have fallen sharply — a dozen proposals in the best case, there is one buyer. Entrepreneurs who had hoped "get rich" on the harmonization of duties of the Customs Union, the lost.

Ilya Morozov, One of the Minsk avtoperegonschikov, glad that did not succumb to the hype. Says that many of his friends, based on the ability to sell cars to Russians at inflated prices, gained credit, even laid flat, to drive to possible more equipment. However, when it became known that the Belarusian government has made to delay the unification of duties, a lot of people left with nothing:

these cars are theoretically enough if not for centuries, the decades of exactly …

"In Zhdanovichy some movement in the 5-7 thousand dollars still is, a robin is just around … What is happening in Belarus, is another story altogether. Look: Imported cars so much that they still have to manage to go. When current strength of these cars in theory if not enough for the ages, that for decades for sure. And those romantics who drove cars and put himself in the garden, so that after July 1, the Russians sell expensive, were, to put it mildly, in prostration. Certainly, some of the daredevils Russia will try to get a car by proxy, it is to be feared, but to calculate the machines there is no difficulty. "

In the first quarter of 2010 in Belarus in the wake of changes in expectations customs were imported 44,500 used cars — twice as much as the previous year, according to statistics. Most of the persecuted with the expectation to implement them on the Russian market. Following six months has been delivered more than 60,000 vehicles.

However, in response to the efforts of the official Minsk keep the "customs clearance" on the same level, the Federal Customs Service of Russia made an official explanation: cars taken off the register in Belarus in imports to Russia are subject to registration with the payment of all required fees and charges. In turn, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia clarified: Moscow will do everything to not delivered before July 1 or after July 1, imported cars were not "subject to more profits."

Meanwhile, experts predict an even greater reduction in prices for used cars in the domestic market. First, many merchants pay taken under the car loans that have to sell even at a loss. Second, the market supply greatly exceeds demand, which allows you to dictate pricing terms are not sellers and buyers.

Analysts in agreement that is subject to availability of funds is now the best time to buy a car, because in the beginning of next year, the situation may change again — until July 1, 2011 the parties must agree on the same conditions of.

The State Customs Committee of Belarusand no sympathy for private owners, which burned on the desire to make money, do not have:

Roughly speaking, that's their problem …

"Let's start with the question ofthan people bought for 3-4 cars? And they bought them in order to earn cash on the basis of information that will rise on import duty. So they just lost. Roughly speaking, that's their problem. No one forced people to import into the territory of Belarus for 3-4 cars. Now they are, accordingly, can not sell them, because physically there are no people who would buy them. The machines were purchased in the hope of selling them to citizens of the Russian Federation. Now the situation is this: on cars before July 1, 2011 rates have not changed. That is how it was before, and left. Change rates only for vans, trucks vans: the duty rose by 2-3 times compared to what it was before the entry into force of the Customs Code. "

Meanwhile close to the line of bankruptcy, many dealers Belarusian automobile manufacturers. The Customs Code of the unification of duties under the Russian began to act for them since the beginning of 2010. As a result — a disappointing statistics: of a total of 60,000 imported vehicles on the share of legal entities accounted for only 1,000. And that is 6 times less than in the first half of 2009.


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