Center of Slavic culture — House of Svarog

"Center of Slavic culture" with the name "House of Svarog" opened in Voronezh at the initiative of the local organization of veterans RUBOP. Slavic Centre occupies three rooms with a total area of 300 square meters in City Mall "Fair".
The display of "House of Svarog" make everyday objects showing ancient symbols. In addition, here are photographic exhibition dedicated to the natural and archaeological sites of the Voronezh region, as well as a thematic exhibition of paintings by contemporary artists. The center has a small library.

According to the organizers "House Svarog 'exposure must gather supporters savings of popular culture and national values. Center assigns a significant role to its participation in the patriotic education of the public and especially young people.

The opening of the "House of Svarog" announced City Hall site in Voronezh, support initiatives provided district council.

Svarog — Vedic god of the Slavic pantheon, according to "The Tale of Bygone Years" — protector of the home, marriage and blacksmith. Folkloristic XIX century Svarog considered one of the major gods of the ancient Slavs.

During the great conversation of one of the leading journalists of the Voronezh channel "TNT province" (the studio is a state unitary enterprise, television time is in the format of a regional insert on channel TNT) Rauf Ahmadov with the Voronezh ruling bishop of the MP Metropolitan Sergius (Fomin) at the initiative of the lead was a raised the issue of creating the "House of Svarog."

Responding, Metropolitan Sergius said that "it is not associated with Christianity," that is, in fact, — "neo-pagan ideas."

Metropolitan Sergius said today's Russian "neo-paganism" demonstrates "a desire to associate themselves with the Old", mentioning the name Avvakum, and then pointed out that "this is not so."

The actions "neozyacheskih group" Bishop sees the desire to "bring people thinking", but religiously undecided, in fact, finds the desire "to engage in pseudo-religious based political struggle" and "opposition to orthodoxy u»), according to the Metropolitan, lead people from the ROC ", and why" the proposed pseudo-religious culture. " Passion "Neopaganism", presented different directions, warned the head of the Voronezh diocese ROC, leading to the destruction of families, loss of health and other risks.

Address: ul. Donbass d.23, (entrance side of the building, west side, 4th floor);
Contact: Tel: 71-79-96

Areas of work home Svarog:

— Tours of the museum. Daily by prior phone call;

— "Workshop Guardian". Education tailoring and embroidery of Russian folk costumes allowing for the Voronezh region, making Slavic charms. Classes are held weekly on Wednesdays at 18:00;

— "Club Weekend" — School of Slavonic Studies, discussion club. Meetings are held weekly on Sundays;

— Classes in Slavic improving the system "Zinch."

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