Central microphone (many editions) watch online

Central microphone (many editions) watch online
In the show "Central microphone"You do not run into with flat jokes, vulgar thumbnail and already bored all the parodies of actors and politicians. Participants in the "Central microphone" rip all the masks. Leaving the scene, stand-up comedians will be read on its own behalf, to himself and to share their ideas and observations.
You know how to begin a career of Woody Allen, Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg and Jim Carrey? They performed in stand-up show! Mr. Billy Novick invites you into the auditorium of the first Russian stand-up show "Central microphone. "
In Russia, the elements of stand-up comedy and previously appeared in TV projects, but the format is entirely dedicated to this genre, you uzreesh exclusively on STS! Show "Central microphone"- This is something completely different!

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