Character death in the skies over Siberia

Author: Anatoly Yurkin

The wreckage of Tu-154 became the last refuge for 120 people killed near Irkutsk in the January 1994 accident. 96 passengers survived that December day in 1995, when a Tu-154 crashed in the Far East. The death of 141 northerners in August 1996 was excessive "price" for the error of pilots who sent the Tu-154 into a mountainside on Spitsbergen. 86 passengers were burnt alive at the time of the explosion on board the Tu-154. In December 1997, this "flying crematorium" came in to land at the airport in the United Arab Emirates. A total of 913 collected Tu-154 crashed 28 aircraft.

Recently blacklist extended Russia in the XXI century.

Fall-style base to final

At night, July 3, 2001 was landing Tu-154M, tail named "Ussurijsk." In JSC "Vladivostok Avia" There were six of these aircraft. One of them was traveling on the usual route "Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk-Vladivostok". Flight DD 352 runs from 19 June to 27 October 2001. On the route there are two segments. Flight of the track "Irkutsk-Vladivostok" takes about 10 minutes longer (3 hours 50 minutes) than the segment between Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk. Passengers leaving Ekaterinburg at 19:20 Moscow time. In normal duration of 3 hours and 40 minutes, night Irkutsk it becomes available in the third to half of the local time zone.
In addition to 9 crew members did not sleep 49 passengers flying to Irkutsk (again, that for the rest it was just a stop on the way to the Primorye). When landing at an altitude of around 850 meters plane was the third turn. There was another pass, the previous two were held without a hitch. Nothing indicated tragedy. To-ground communication took place as usual, the ministers of the airport later recall: "the voice of the pilot was happy." Difficulties in carrying out the normal rotation base to final approach at a steep glide path caused by terrain features. First, the ill-fated airfield rises to 600 meters above sea level. Second, the proximity of the huge Cold Lake Baikal is a strong air currents that can significantly complicate the landing.
Three-minute troubles began after the release of the flap. Becoming like a dragon made of metal, huge and heavy aircraft strove to get out of control. In the contingency crew commander Valentin Goncharuk, navigator and flight engineer Nikolai Sakrytin Yuri Stepanov had to do everything possible to maintain the board. First of all, contact with terrestrial services. But at some point went the growing violation of all existing regulations. When suddenly the co-pilot Sergei Didenko took it over to inexorably falling Tu-154 still avert clearly viewed the settlement Burdakovka night lights. Crew members Sakrytin Stepanov and exchanged by a series of obscene expressions. But we will never know what caused the cry of the co-pilot, "What have you done?" Error in the administration or inadequate response to the accident? The behavior of the crew commander or flight engineer inaction? The advent of a stranger in the cockpit?
Flight attendants Belozerova Olga, Anna Biryukova, Eugene Isayev, Elena Kulikova and Victor Morozov did not have time to go to 135 passengers with familiar soothing words. Although children are especially needed. Of all the documents including six children. But infants are not registered. Certainly, on board were two or three undocumented children.
Suddenly, the plane spun 180 degrees. Between the appearance of the first signs of fire and a powerful explosion took place in seconds. The cockpit looked at the lead strip of Lake Baikal, where the Tu-154 fell into the clearing of dense unexplored forest. On wet from yesterday's rain field-sized half-kilometer by 600 meters. Thus, were saved from destruction vacationers and residents of private one-story buildings from the surrounding villages. At 34 km from Irkutsk airliner with blue letters "BA" fell almost vertically with a slight deviation to the left. The plane was flying from the landing gear, but almost did not cling to the tops of tall trees. More precisely, crashed near the highway leading to the regional center. Left wing touching the ground, the middle of the cabin hit a bump with a resounding thud. After that the fire broke out again. The plane fell flat. Aggressive flames engulfed the wreckage of a small radius on the inexplicable variations. Usually, when the plane crashes debris fly far by the county. At this time in the air body collapsed into three unequal parts. On the wet ground with flames exchanging disintegrated seats on the dead body. Acrid cloud of blue smoke rose above the trees in the forest a wave smell of burnt human flesh.
The plane crashed at 21:10 Moscow time. Local — 2:10. At this point, simply disappeared from the radar mark airliner. It took a few minutes to clarify: this is not a technical failure in the equipment tracking. Sign of the tragedy. In the age of the Internet it took 20 minutes to get the news of the death spread her black wings of Primorye to Moscow (from the conflagration of Moscow to 4,200 kilometers). Exactly at 21:30 of the state of emergency in the Kremlin, Putin has learned. Initially, the President of Russia could not believe that in living, not a single person. At midnight, Putin left the study. When the presidential limousine passed through the brightly lit gates of the Kremlin, in the back seat lay a thin black folder with a full list of the victims (135 9). Again and again, the head of Russia should resume in the memory of the technical data on the most popular civil aircraft to domestic airlines Russia.


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