CHebarkulskij meteorite. A month later, watch online

CHebarkulskij meteorite.  A month later, watch online
It has been month Chebarkulsky a day or falling meteor. No one died, the wounded dolechivatsya, warped structure tidy stuck glass. But the story is just beginning. As a matter of fact exploded over Chelyabinsk? Why the pieces of the heavenly bodies are not damaged or 1st strategic facility? Is the explosion of a meteor over the city a kind familiar from outer space? Scientists, writers, are independent researchers consider Chebarkulsko accident from different angles. Many come to the conclusion that fall Meteor is not a random event, but a rule. What is the scale of our civilization gallakticheskih processes? Is it possible to manage these processes? And how was close to the truth, the abbot of the 1st of Chelyabinsk temples, calling the blessed city of Chelyabinsk?

Space, celestial bodies, astronomy

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