Cheetah-Cub, designed in Switzerland, the robot cat

Cheetah-Cub, designed in Switzerland, the robot cat
Scientists from the laboratory biorobotics Federal Polytechnic School (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland built a four-legged walking robot that mimics the movement of walking cats. About bot says in a press release EPFL.
Any of the four limbs bot, received the title of Cheetah-Cub («cheetah cub»), consists of 3 sections, connected by springs, and the structure resembles a cat’s paw.
Limbs are driven motors. «Head» bot not, and the place of the «tail» is the wire.
Pluses bot — light weight (about a kilogram), the ability to move over uneven surfaces, and the highest rate.
Cheetah-Cub — in the midst of the most high-spirited bots least 30 kg weight: in the second, he can overcome the distance, seven times greater than the length of his own body.
Development of a robot cat started in 2008, but a working model as before is under layout. When the construction work will be completed, Cheetah-Cub will be able to be used in research projects and rescue missions.
How great load bot, is not specified. Cheetah-Cub — not only walking robot made «based on» the representative of the cat family.
Thus, the American company Boston Dynamics is developing a robot Cheetah («Cheetah»), which, like the «real» cheetah, can reach speeds due to bending «spins».

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