China increases the production of drones, missiles and helicopters

China increases the production of drones, missiles and helicopters
This correspondent. ARMS-TASS said during the air show «Singapore Eyrshou 2014.»
China also increases the creation of stealth unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In May 2013 there was a photo of combat UAVs «Li Jian» which passed the tests on the ground at an undisclosed Chinese company. Assumes that the UAV will remember South American UAV X-47B will be either his direct opponent.

In 2013, the Air Force People’s Liberation Army (PLA Air Force) was transferred to 15 bombers H-6K «Xian,» which are a copy of Russian Tu-16. They are executed in China since the late 1950s. The design of the bombers used composite materials to reduce weight and increase strength supplies. H-6K is adapted for installation of cruise missiles CJ-10A. Plane resettled six points suspension arms, instead of the bomb bay mounted fuel tank. Range cruise missile is about 2 km of that allows Chinese bombers hit targets on the ground in Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Chinese airspace without leaving the place. CJ-10A can be equipped with both nuclear warheads and ordinary (BC).

Helicopters may also included in the purchase programs from the PLA. In December 2013 the new Chinese multipurpose helicopter made the first flight. According to the preparatory disk imaging, machine received the designation Z-20. It is understood that the rotorcraft is based on the design of the helicopter UH-60 «Black Hawk» (Black Hawk), 24 units of which China purchased in 1984 The main difference between the number of helicopters is the rotor blades, which have UH-60 — 5, while Z -20 — four.

China acquired from Ukraine housing an old Russian aircraft carriers, which is built on the basis of its own first aircraft carrier «Liaoning». Currently, China produces intensely trained sailors and airmen for him. It is understood that the shipyard in Dalian and Shanghai can start the construction of the second aircraft carrier this year.

In January, today the PLA has placed in the web photo of range intercontinental ballistic missile firings «Dongfeng-31» (DF-31). Its stated range exceeds 6 thousand miles (9656 km). It is understood that China is armed with about 240 warheads, of which 178 were deployed in 2011

In January, the U.S. Defense Department sources confirmed that China conducted the first test of a hypersonic aircraft (SFA) on January 9 this year. The device could be a system set up to start with missiles. The implication is that it must reach a speed corresponding to the number M = 8-12.

China currently being developed to create two programs from the SFA.

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