China will soon begin construction of frigates NEW GENERATION

China will soon begin construction of frigates NEW GENERATION
In China, the design of Type 057 frigate and, according to the plan of development of the PLA Navy, their construction will begin in late 2014 — early 2015, writes In this PLA Navy frigates will be the fourth generation.
Construction frigates Type 054A (pictured) in the amount of 24 units will be completed and the last 5-6 ships of this class will be transferred to the Navy until 2017. Series Type 057 frigates will be, presumably, from 20 ships and 2025 they will change all 20 frigates, Type 053.
Displacement Type 057 frigate will be 4500 tons and will develop a new radar installations vertically launched missiles and air defense systems. The ship is designed for the stealth technology and will have integrated stealth mast.
For the first time in the Chinese Navy frigate Type 057 will be equipped with a combined electricity installation that will allow, for example, to reduce noise and increment properties maneuverable ship. Ship will be based on two different anti-submarine helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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