Combat equipment «Warrior» on the way

Combat equipment
Quite soon, the Russian army will receive exactly the latest military equipment of the latest generation. Currently, equipment «Warrior» already held a series of military trials in different weather zones of. According to available disk imaging, military equipment «Warrior» to be adopted by the Russian army in the summer of 2014. To supplying the units and the Defense Ministry with the latest combat gear was devoted special meeting, chaired personally Dmitry Rogozin.

The meeting took place in the suburban town of Klimovsk based on known defense company TsNIITochmash, which is the lead institution for the creation of small arms, and various remedies for the benefit of Russian Defense Ministry and other law enforcement agencies. The meeting was the role of almost all the leading designers and managers of Russian defense industry, which by the nature of their own work related to the creation of various small guns, ammunition, and personal protective equipment. Since the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister noted that the attention now being paid to this issue at various levels, simply explained, because with the use of military equipment in our days are solved overwhelming amount of combat missions in particular and counterterrorism operations, local military conflicts.

Those times when motostrelok went into battle, at best, with only a vest, and at worst, and entirely without protection, were in the past. Modern military equipment making them more similar to the characters mind-blowing movies. Modern fighter — this is no ordinary shooter, a real combat unit, which has a modern means of personal protection and control system. Modern war fighting equipment contains a structurally and functionally linked among themselves elements 5 major systems: means of destruction, protection, control and intelligence assets, livelihoods and even energy.

«Warrior» is a system of combat equipment of the second generation. As part of development work on this project worked together more than 50 Russian industrial enterprises, as more than 10 sites and military units Defense Ministry. Especially for «Warrior» was re-created 21 items of equipment serviceman, 17 more units were upgraded. Thanks to the work done managed 1.5 times improve the performance of military combat missions in comparison with the introduction of the previous generation of equipment. General Designer outfit «Warrior» is Vladimir Lepine.

By his own external appearance of brand new Russian military equipment rather aesthetic, it is not terrible, but what’s even cuter or modern American equipment. «Warrior» is different differentiated and combined protection serviceman. All relevant principal organs fighter covered or cermets, or special armor or protective Kevlar fabric type — regardless of the intended goals. In the latest gear is widely used synthetic protection. Normal eye helmet helmets changed a variety of configurations, which also vary depending on the challenge. Helmets can also be made of different materials: steel, composites, titanium. They are able to save the head of a soldier in those situations where an ancient helmet definitely made its way right through.

In «Warriors» was implemented such innovations as instant removal of all equipment in contact with the guard in the water. In other words, owning a large weighing equipment not utyanet soldier on the bottom. A vest designed for the Navy in general is know-how. Russian spetsam managed to combine within themselves and armor protection, and a lifejacket. In this case, if the sailor who is on the watch, it turns overboard, he did not utopnet and remains float to the surface through this body armor.

Combat equipment «Warrior» is practically crammed various electronics. Electric terrain maps, satellite placement, personal communications every fighter, night vision systems and lighting fixtures, as almost all other Russian fighter will make a single part of the combat system, which will be managed by the most modern network-centric technologies.

Specially for «Warrior» is developed and small cannon new generations. Already developed thermal sighting system, which has no analogues in the world, is also a special video module that allows you to fire because of the angle or because the right of asylum. With all this gear disk imaging tools from sight on the screen eyecup fighter happens wirelessly. At the current time, almost all zabugornyh analogues combat equipment «future soldier» data transmission from the sight of small tools to naglaznomu indicator implemented even in wired mode.

Not counting the equipment, which is created in the Defense Ministry, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has been demonstrated standards of equipment, which has already produced for the soldiers and special forces counterterrorism officials. This «Gladiator», «Legionnaire», «Centurion», «Sherpa». According to the creators of this equipment, they are much better than the one which is in service with foreign special forces. Dmitry Rogozin, was pleased with what he saw and noted that the protocol will be made as a result of this meeting, will accelerate the completion of combat equipment «Warrior» and its acceptance into service.

Combat equipment
Outfit special units

Rogozin said: «First, push forward equipping all Russian armed forces, in-2, is a matter of honor for us.» Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the last two years was made very harsh step towards a completely different technical equipment of Russian troops in order to they felt very comfortable and not dangerous during the clashes. Particularly, he pointed to the fact that the exhibited new Russian developments have been made in the framework of public-private partnership. Currently, private companies are able to offer competitive solutions to advanced military equipment for special forces units.

Dmitry Rogozin, said that with the development of strategic weapons should be paid attention tribute equipping Russian fighters who once a day are required to deal with extremism and terrorism. According to Deputy Prime Minister, in this direction now made a big step forward. Another step in this direction would be to move from the orders for parts for special purposes to orders for the entire Russian army. This will result in changing the external appearance of our army and navy. With all of this will change not only the appearance, the military will have completely new properties that will perfectly solve all puzzles.

Currently, equipment «Warrior» is tested in motorized infantry troops. Municipal tests kits «Warrior», which are created for soldiers of different specialties of the Land Forces (Forces) carried out on the basis of separate motorized rifle brigade of the Western Military Area (WEST) under the command of Head East. In February 2014 at the site in the suburbs Alabino military intelligence unit in the brigade combat training started operating saturated sets of equipment, «Warrior.»

Combat equipment

Base sets «Warrior» make body armor, helmets, combat coveralls, goggles, headset with active hearing protection system, a set of protection elbow and knee joints fighter, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, ammunition, new combat knife, and day-night sighting system, vsesutochnye intelligence apparatus, uniform optical and thermal sights, compact binoculars and other standards. In total, in the sets of combat equipment «Warrior» comes 59 pieces of equipment servicemen: arrow, driver, soldier and spy other specialties. They all conditionally divided into elements of destruction, protection, life support, power supply and control means for communication and intelligence.

In addition, a set of combat equipment «Warrior» includes functional knife, clocks, lighting a lantern, universal cover, an independent source of heat oboestoronnie camouflage kits raid satchel small infantry shovel, personal water filter, respiratory protective equipment, tools created to chemical and radiation detection means special treatment and the first medical aid, filter odezhka. As part of the testing and refinement of equipment has been achieved reducing the total weight up to 24 kg kit that allows the soldier to stay mobile in combat missions. If all this were increased level of protection, improved accuracy and accuracy, increased detection range as NIGHT MODE and in pretty poor weather conditions improved overall ergonomics kit.

Central to the development of combat equipment «Warrior» is to increase the effectiveness of the fighters combat tasks in reducing the number of losses in the midst of personnel departments. Adoption of the «Warrior» on arms should happen in summer 2014. According to available disk imaging, this year a new set of combat equipment will go 5-7 units over the next 5 years «Warrior» will have to go all the other units.

Combat equipment

As part of work on a set of combat equipment «Warrior» during a series of preliminary tests have been tested more than 100 different pieces of equipment. By municipal tests were made only from the best made samples. Municipal defense order for 2014 includes delivery to the Army, Marines and Navy airborne troops a few 10’s of thousands of sets of combat equipment «Warrior.»

Average lifetime warranty set «Warrior» is 5 years. With all this this set will be transmitted from the 1st soldier to another, until he falls under the function write-offs. For example, if a T-shirt with the valves will wear only one soldier, the old form odezhki designed for two, and more owners will have the winter form. Vests, helmets, knives and small instrument will serve more longer.

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