Come true that you never dreamed of! Invented the mask allows you to manage your own dreams

May 22, 2012 9:50


Well, just like in the movie "Home", enthuses Daily Mail. "Two of the inventor from Brooklyn, designed the mask for sleeping, allowing people to see the distinct dreams and manage them," — said the journalist Snjezana Farber.

On the surface this is a common mask for sleep — such popular among air travelers and other people who have to sleep in inappropriate places.

But in fact, this particular device. On the inside of the mask — six red LEDs: too dim to wake the sleeping, but quite noticeable brain to pay attention to them. "LEDs can be programmed to include in the sequence", — tells the newspaper.

When a person enters REM sleep — the phase of dreams — the LEDs turn on. The idea is simple: If you dream you see a flashing red lights in the distance, you will find that you can only dream of all, and you can send yourself to sleep every story on track.

Inventors — Duncan and Stephen Frezieru Makgigenu — 30 years. Frezier says it uses a mask once a week, but admits that enter into the stage of lucid dreaming is not easy.

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