Company Ricardo demonstrated efficient car

Company Ricardo demonstrated efficient car
Two years of field trials showed that the company Ricardo Inc managed to make fuel economical ground vehicle technology demonstrator (Fuel-Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator, FED), expenditures totaling considerably less fuel than existing military mc.

FED project was designed with what is called «spotless sheet» running team with Ricardo which included members of the Scientific Advisory Group management armored vehicles of the U.S. Army (TARDEC). The program is oriented?? For lowering U.S. oil dependence means of developing fuel-saving technologies innovatorskih.

Demonstrator engine was equipped with Cummins turbo I4s, Goodyear tires with low rolling resistance and duralumin chassis developed by Alcoa Defense.

Company Ricardo demonstrated efficient car

Demonstrator ground machines effective implementation of fuel (Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator — FED). Source:

FED project is tested at the site of the U.S. Army at Aberdeen in the past 19 months.

The analysis showed that in comparison with South American military vehicles HMMWV M1151 in standard configuration, FED has a 72-percent improvement in fuel economy. FED characteristics evaluated on a number close to the reality of working cycles, including the highway, off-road driving and idling.

Not counting the improved fuel economy, field tests showed significantly improved acceleration performance compared with today’s cars, even when loaded to almost 7 tons.

Chief Project Engineer at Ricardo Charmaine Wesley (Wesley Scharmen) said: «We have implemented a relatively limited approach to the introduction of available or almost available in the market for technology services our goals of fuel economy and we have proved that these goals are achievable. This approach has lowered costs and brought the possibility of producing the final product. «

Carl Johnson (Carl Johnson), the control group in the project TARDEC FED added: «The team has chosen a common approach to improving the fuel economy of the vehicle. And they created this with the introduction of proven technologies. When the government and industry work together, the results can be significant. 72-percent increase in fuel economy gives us a significant competitive advantage in this area. «

Since the fuel is delivered over a second cargo for ground troops (the water in the first place), FED is essential to reduce fuel consumption in the area of ​​deployment, together with the improvement of the technology of military mc.

Apostolos Tom (Tom Apostolos), president of the South American branch of Ricardo Inc, said: «FED is a very valuable reference for the future development of military mc. He makes the conditions for the creation of cost-effective, high-performance, economy cars, which will allow South American troops to fulfill their tasks in the best way. «

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